Blockchain Technology Solutions – Dubai I GCC

Blockchain technology enables bilateral settlement by eliminating midpoint failures, delays, collateral costs, and minimizes credit risks and exchange spreads. Finesse brings in the best blockchain technology solutions & partners and help our clients in reducing cost of research and development.

Finesse support our clients by:

  • Identify right solution to suite specific business requirement
  • Developing proof-of-concept projects that demonstrate solution capabilities and benefits derived
  • Building smaller functional components to showcase the long term road map for integrating existing services
  • Initiate by learning: Hosting educational workshops by inviting experts & experienced practitioners, thereby creating a supportive environment
  • Mobilizing functional and technical resources
  • Implementing analytics, security and infrastructure solutions

Our blockchain technology solutions include for:

  • Contract Management
  • Remittances
  • Loyalty Management
  • Public Services

Block Chain use cases

Finesse Direct Block chain