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Why Salesforce

Salesforce CRM Solutions; is an amazingly powerful cloud based tool that meets different requirement of an organization in providing solutions to meet end to end customer needs.

It has extensive reporting capabilities and visual dashboards that gives management visibility into what’s happening in sales, support and marketing departments. Managers can gain from real time update of on-going campaigns and projects through tracking and reporting. Based on prior criterias established managers can intervene at any stage to improve project or campaign outcome.

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This Omni channel solution for Customer Experience Management, Customer Relationship Management and Social CRM is designed based on client requirements to exceed their expectations, thus increasing customer satisfaction and experience.

Finesse as Salesforce Partner

As one of the most trusted Salesforce partner in Dubai, UAE, India and other GCC countries, Finesse has certified experts to understand your unique business needs, and customize the CRM to fit our client’s requirement.

Finesse helps their clients unlock capabilities on the go, including social, mobile and analytics, leading to enhanced productivity, win rates and revenue. It allows them to pull together a 360-degree view of their customer. Manage their pipeline & forecasts, address complex commission models, facilitate order management efficiently and much more.

Service related capabilities lets their clients transform customer experience with app support, live agent support, knowledge centers, self-service communities and social media. Serve customers within the social channels where they participate every day. With huge advances in social interaction, branding, customization, and mobile access, Salesforce Community portals deliver incredible value to your customers, partners, and employees.

As Salesforce Partner, Finesse opens the doors for enterprises to connect to the larger ecosystem while having less turnaround time, better sales & revenue cycle and stay ahead of competition.

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A Leading Manufacturing Company Empowered by Salesforce Implemented by Finesse

Company Overview

A leading Manufacturing Company in the energy business. They design and install solar power systems for businesses to help reduce their energy bills, sustain the quality of their environment, and shape the future of energy production and conservation. Headquartered in India


Current business was managed through flat files and excel. There was no automation of process because of which approvals got delayed when the key stake holders were not available. There was no clarity on inventory at warehouse or at site, excel were error prone and could lead to leakages. Every business leader managed their project sheet in their very own data format. Project stage management or gaps were not being tracked upon. Managers could not get reports nor had an in-depth view of the project status.


Finesse used Salesforce to build their entire journey starting from sales, demand planning, RFQ management, project management and project signoff. Their sales consisted of IOC and IOT that when approved paved way to designing and demand planning. Once an opportunity was closed, the planning team was notified to work on the design, BOM requirement and notify procurement. Procurement would run an RFQ shortlist and award a vendor, the vendor would be issued a PO and GRN would be done at warehouse all within salesforce. Once GRN is done project team is notified who in turn would request for material at site. Site in-charge on receipt of material would start project as planned and update site consumption, site on completion QC is performed and once approved is handed over to the client.


Customer 360 degree is managed in salesforce right from opportunity to planning to delivery. Approvals are performed instantly from the system, salesforce has helped speed up the approval process. Inventory is tracked hence providing a clear picture on where the inventory is residing or being used. Lowering costs borne on procuring raw materials, minimizing wastage and decreasing operational errors by increasing employee efficiency.

Finesse Implements Salesforce Sales Cloud in a Leading Engineering & Technology Company 

Company Overview

Founded in 1993, this Company specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, bladeless fans and heaters. They had a multitude of issues that Finesse was able to solve using Salesforce, including poor customer engagement and lack of pipeline visibility.


As a leader in the retail industry, the Company must be constantly looking at future opportunities for growth. However, they struggled with a lack of visibility into their revenue-generating deals within their pipeline. The little information that they were able to gather from their pipeline often existed in separate, un-integrated systems. They collected a wealth of data in these individual systems but had to run separate, manual reports for each one, resulting in limited, labor-intensive analytics and insight into their organization. On top of that, much of their collected data was often unreliable and their existing systems lacked a relationship with end customers. Their sales staff did not see the value-add of implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, which would make it difficult for them to adopt the new systems along with new customized features like the in-house cost calculator designed within Salesforce.       


To address some of the key issues the retailer was facing within their organization, Finesse implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud Console which included: Sales Cloud CRM functionality, real-time reporting and dashboards, duplicate record prevention, Bi-directional PMS integration, and more! Our consulting team also added a comprehensive Company Specific Relationship-Based Data Model, which involved the design and analysis of the sales and marketing processes to represent relationships within the Company – including Architects, Firms, Suppliers, Distributors, etc. We also included a visit management feature that would provide their team with the ability to record objectives and outcomes for individual sales visits.


Upon completion of our Salesforce implementation, the Company noticed significant improvements throughout various departments. Now their sales team has a unified sales process across all markets. They’ve also gain improved pipeline visibility (highlighted as a key issue during requirements analysis) and improved business development efficiency. All of this leads to sales staff spending less time on admin functions resulting in more time available for sales activities.