Digital Transformation

Our Cloud offerings are based on Pay By Use model, enabling our clients to have huge cost savings while having the advantage of accessing their information Anytime, Anywhere.

We can provide our cloud solutions based on our client’s unique requirements and can deploy on various models including:

►   Private Cloud
►   Community Cloud
►   Public Cloud
►   Hybrid Cloud

Our cloud offerings include of SaaS ( Software as a Service), PaaS ( Platform as a Service) or IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service).

With the popularity of Tablets and smartphones, all businesses now increasingly provide their relevant systems and information to their customers, employees and partners. Smart Phones, Tablets and other devices, today’s workforce has become increasingly mobile.The ability to access real-time data on the move has become critical in today’s rapidly evolving market. Our team sits with you to understand your business model and design & develop solutions that are best suited for your requirements. We deploy our solutions through all platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry etc..

Some of our services includes :

►  Mobile Strategy Consulting
►  Website and Web-Application Migration
►  Mobile Application Development
►  Application Deployment, Tracking, and Analytics Services
►  Mobile Device and Solution Testing

As Social Media has come up as the most popular communication platform, institutions are exploring innovating models to harness enormous business opportunities created by them.

We help our clients in the following:

►   Reduce marketing & operating cost by leveraging on Social Media Channels
►   Enhance product / service offerings by analyzing customer’s relationships & behaviors.

Our approach focuses on following a detailed roadmap for delivery, from planning through design, implementation and monitoring to ensure the success of the initiative.

Big data has less to do with size and more to do with the growing recognition by individuals, groups, and organizations that data and analysis can improve key business decisions. Businesses are now able to capture, store, and process an incredible amount of data about almost everything. But this alone does not deliver value.

Finesse along with our partner Qlik solutions allow you to extend big data analytics to the edges of your organization. They empower non-technical users to explore information freely, discover new information along the way, and come up with next steps based on that information. With just a few clicks, business users can augment Qlik applications with their own analysis or modify existing apps with new objects and sources of information. Qlik makes it easy to test ideas and to gain innovative insight from big data.