Field Force Management Solutions

Most businesses constantly strive to improve processes, deliver better service, provide the best experience for their customers and generally move upward and onward. But over the years, this continued to remain a long and tedious process. Today’s customers on the other hand, want instant gratification and they expect errors to be rectified and their concerns to be addressed rapidly and succinctly across multiple channels. If you or your business is looking for new ways to improve customer service, amplify employee productivity and increase your ROI, look no further than EFFORT.

Our Solution, EFFORT is an effective, strategic mobile application which connects your back office to your field workforce. It caters to industries with field force-intensive operations teams. It helps them “do more with less”, increase customer satisfaction and proactively manage the workforce on the field while simultaneously reducing operational costs.

Some of its features include :

► Integrated Workflow Management
► Smart Tracking System
► Forms Creation on the Fly
► Instant Alerts
► Monitoring Dashboards
► Ready to roll
► Connect Field Staff with End Customer & Backoffice
► Offline Working Capabilities
► Easy Job scheduling & dispatching
► Customer Interaction in Rich Media

The management and efficient utilization of resources is critical to successful field-service operations in any industry. EFFORT enables organizations to monitor their field workforce and manage resources with real-time visibility into their progress of work. EFFORT uses real-time information from the field combined with statistical analysis of consumer demand for services to get a timely and precise view of the field force. This enables the managers to make decisions as and when events unfold which directly corresponds to an increase in the deployment rate of their fie