Finesse – Kofax –VAT Automation Through Robotics (RPA)

Is the front-end of your ERP system VAT ready?

 VAT will be launched in the UAE in less than a month from now and business may need to change their core operations as well as financial management to accommodate this regulation. You should ask yourself

  • How can you automate tax code assignment?
  • For incoming invoices, how will you capture the data and validate the proper VAT rate is being used?
  • How can you automate data entry to update your supplier and customer master data to include VAT numbers?Sounds like a lot of work and we are sure you would welcome ways to avoid spending additional budget on manpower. You may have heard of Robotic Process Automation (or RPA), a new technology that enables Organizations to literally add a Robot to your workforce. Sounds too good to be true?It’s not.Join us on 13 December at the Holiday Inn, Embassy District, Bur Dubai in Dubai to find out how you will get ready for VAT and save money and time with Robotic Process Automation and best in class invoice automation.  We want to bring you more than you can find on Google – real, actionable tips from best-in class companies which are constantly refining their tools and processes.Register Now!





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Note by financial expert, CA Ravi Musale, to give overview of VAT Implementation and Procedures.


With VAT getting implemented in less than a month, are you and your organization ready? Do you know the procedures and the implications?  Our financial expert will give you an overview and will also clear doubts you have about VAT.


Are You VAT Ready? – Drive Financial Process Automation that’s built for speed

Michael Veltman, Sales Engineer, Kofax              


Are your financial processes bogged down by inefficient, manual work and the large amount of unstructured data that isn’t managed by your ERP?

Kofax software provides a market leading platform to provide an end-to-end solution for automated invoice processing. It includes data capture, automation of business and tax rules, and workflow to transform invoice approval processing. Tax codes and compliance will be the most important topics to get systems ready for processing VAT – we will show you in this short presentation how Kofax invoice processing solution covers that.


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The new, digital workforce: Robots as new colleagues of your finance team to help with VAT challenges

Michael Veltman, Sales Engineer, Kofax

Blessy Varghese, Sales Account Executive, Kofax


Are you worrying about all the data entry to update your supplier and customer master data to include VAT numbers? Even the most experienced finance and accounting executives struggle to consistently get better visibility and agility over their financial processes. In this presentation we will spill the secret of how robotic process automation is revolutionizing financial processes and will help you to achieve significant cost savings, more accuracy, transparency, adherence to compliance, greater customer and employee satisfaction.


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