Finesse Direct Heathcare sector

Informed care for patients! The health care portfolio of Finesse is a Technology driven ecosystem consisting of all healthcare providers, payers, life science research organizations, medical & nursing colleges, drug/clinical suppliers, medical device engineering organizations and independent practitioners etc.

We keep patients at the centre while suggesting Services, Applications & Technology. Our focus is to provide healthcare IT services and systems to improve financial performance, process efficiency and patient outcome. We provide systems for clinical workflow, practice management, pharmacy automation, care management, medical supply management, payer integration, patient billing as well as financial and business management.

We also bring relevant skills & experience for device integration like HL7 etc. which is essential for a seamless solution fitment. We are committed to exploring opportunities together with partners that can provide our customers with exceptional healthcare services at competitive value and cost. We are able to transition legacy system to cutting edge technology at component level by using hybrid engineering frameworks with out compromising on care provisioning ability of providers.

Our experience in working with care providers ensures that we bring a deep understanding of point of care issues that are imperative for good solution architecture. With collaborative decision management and connected care, we strive to be your healthcare technology partner for the years to come.