Managed IT Services

Finesse is one of the fastest growing companies in the Managed IT Services space in the region, providing Application delivery, Management as well as Support and Maintenance services to over 150 enterprise clients around the globe, including major banks, financial institutions, energy and commodity firms, corporations and government entities.

With strength of over 350 people in the region backed up with an offshore facility in Bangalore, India and with other 10 Global locations, we also for have our Banking Process Excellence and BPO Centre in Dubai. In addition to core banking Finesse also provides services on other sub-systems including enterprise risk, treasury, loan origination & lending systems as well as Trade Finance systems.

Our competency model is built on the basis of providing value by being a service provider with a deep understanding of the business function that our teams deliver. This competency starts with the sales teams who bring value to the customer table at the time of decision-making unlike pure play technology vendors. We were one of the first to recognize and build our strategy on the basis that sooner or later pure technology skills would become a commodity product. This basis has been proven today by the edge we are able to garner in the solution consideration by the customer. Our services teams therefore understand the business needs of the customer in light of their experience and knowledge of the Financial Services Domain.

Finesse also delivers enterprise applications on a services model integrated with process outsourcing services. The future of Business Applications is in effective deployment alternatives. Traditional deployment alone will not pay dividends in future.

Finesse helps our clients to focus on their core business by providing end to end managed services for their technology environment and noncore business processes. Our proposition goes far beyond the transaction benefits of outsourcing and focus on delivering business impact. This model helps our clients to aggressively manage costs and risks.

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