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Finesse helps businesses in many ways to gain an edge over the competition. As most trusted Salesforce partner in Dubai, UAE, India and other GCC countries, we have certified experts to understand your unique business needs, and customize the CRM to fit your requirement.

Our Omni Channel solutions for Customer Experience Management, Customer Relationship Management and Social CRM are designed based on client requirements to exceed their expectations, thus increasing customer satisfaction and experience.

Our CRM Solutions; is an amazingly powerful cloud based tool that meets different requirement of your organization in providing solutions to meet end to end customer needs.

Salesforce unlocks capabilities on the go, including social, mobile and analytics, leading to enhanced productivity, win rates and revenue. It allows you to pull together a 360-degree view of your customer, more efficiently manage your pipeline & forecasts, address complex commission models, and facilitate order management and much more.

Service related capabilities lets you transform customer experience with app support, live agent support, knowledge centers, self-service communities and social media. Serve your customers within the social channels where they participate every day. With huge advances in social interaction, branding, customization, and mobile access, Salesforce Community portals deliver incredible value to your customers, partners, and employees.

Salesforce CRM Solutions has extensive reporting capabilities and visual dashboards that give management visibility into what’s happening in sales, support and marketing. They can immediately see what’s working and what needs improvement based on criteria they establish. Also managers can see when they need to get involved in certain situations and improve outcomes.

As Salesforce partner, Finesse opens the doors for enterprises to connect to the larger ecosystem while having less turnaround time, better sales & revenue cycle and stay ahead of competition.

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