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Achieve sophistication in your multi-cloud migration & operation


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AppZ Tools

  • Cloud Automation platform for VM-to-VM & VM-to-Kubernetes migrations
  • Upstream Kubernetes
  • Cloud-native services
  • Curated templates for popular application stacks
  • Risk-mitigated configurations
  • Pre-tested, hardened, ready-to-use
  • Leverages cloud native resource optimization techniques
  • Low-touch migration and cloud operations
  • Repeatable automated process
  • Infrastructure-as-code
  • Configuration-as-code
  • Policy-as-code

Infrastructure-As-Code Configuration-As-Code Policy-As-Code

  • Improve efficiency & productivity across development lifecyle
  • Faster speed and consitency
  • Reduced management overhead
  • Enforce best-practices
  • Achive standarization
  • Implement version controls
  • Achive high level of Automation
  • Improve security
  • Maximize auditability and traceability
  • Apply workflows, approvals, reviews and validations
  • Achive consistency
  • Stream line testing & quality control process

AppZ Architecture

AppZ Modules

Swiss army knife of automation tools blended into one
– Support Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Helm, Python & Bash

Pre-fabricated, pre-tested migration and deployment templates. Unique customization layering mechanism.

Designed to scale, event-driven architecture, plug-and-play integration, auto-upgrades.

Rules-based alerts generation, configure using gitops, integrate with incident management, auto-workflow.

GitOps engine + CI/CD, enables Infrastructure-as-Code,Configuration-as-Code & Policy-as-Code.

Change log, build log, deployment logs, scan results, audit logs, system logs, and more…

Leverages popular tools Prometheus and Grafana with Alert Manager for maximum visibility and operational efficiency.

Policy as code, drift prevention, and alerts, integration with SIEM, audit log, activity logs, separation of duties.

Our Cloud Services

Automated migration using pre-fabricated templates Predictable results with fail-fast approach, iterate faster Multi-cloud, multi-platform, on-prem to cloud, cloud to cloud

Day2 Operations
Enhance your day-2 operation. Improve resilience Lower cost of ownership

Improve customer experience using sophisticated SRE model Smart dashboard with integrated alert-manager Leverage self-healing, auto-scaling.

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