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Blockchain Solutions & Services

Transform your company in the Digital Age with Blockchain Consulting, Solutions & Services

What is blockchain technology ?

Blockchain is a technology that has enabled bilateral settlement by eliminating midpoint failures, delays, and collateral expenses. It offers several benefits to the financial services industry. The use of blockchain eliminates credit risks and exchange spreads. The technology employs cryptography to link new blocks with existing ones, ensuring that previously collected data remains secure.

Finesse, one of the most popular blockchain consultants and solution company in Dubai, UAE, offers you the top and trusted blockchain technology partners with their solutions to help you revolutionise and redefine your business applications and relationships through innovation.


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    Why is Blockchain Technology Needed for Business?

    Blockchain technology, which is a decentralized and uniquely distributed ledger, with all its potential and capacity, provides an offering of a transparent and secure business platform. Today, organizations are posed with the challenge of a huge collection of data and a wide number of ongoing business transactions to record. This paves the way for businesses to requisite a sorted and secure process to face such a challenge.

    Blockchain technology empowers businesses to safely record and verify transactions at every step. Through this ledger, the data is stored in an immutable form and it connects to a network of computers for people to check every transaction. All the information is accessible to every authorized person on the network. With Blockchain services in Dubai, UAE, your organization can save on collateral costs and improve on turn-around time of operational activities and transactions which will be more secure and quick.

    What are features of Blockchain Solutions?

    Finesse Blockchain services in Dubai not only offer permanent storage of code, but also of funds. This technology enables not just locking and unlocking funds, but also tracking them. Our blockchain technology in the UAE is one-of-a-kind and never has there been a similar one created prior to the creation of cryptocurrencies. Leveraging blockchain, one can transfer value anywhere around the world for free, and blockchain technology solutions have removed intermediaries in payment systems, thereby making the payment instantaneous. Furthermore, Blockchain technology is touted to bring people together in a peer-to-peer model.

    How does Finesse’s blockchain technology benefit businesses?

    • Finesse, being a blockchain company excel at identifying and delivering solutions that are tailored to suit your specific business requirements.
    • You can count on us to come up with proof of concept projects demonstrating real-life solution capabilities and benefits derived from our solutions.
    • We sketch your long term road map by building smaller functional components to showcase the long term road map for integrating existing services.
    • Fret no more about working with computer geeks. We host educational workshops by inviting experts & experienced practitioners, thereby creating a supportive environment.
    • We also offer mobilizing of functional and technical resources.
    • We unlock analytics, security, and infrastructure solutions suited to your requirements
    • Contract management
    • KYC
    • Remittances
    • Loyalty management
    • Public services
    • Certificates management
    • Patient records
    • Supply chain management

    Why is Finesse Blockchain Solutions and Consulting the right choice for you?

    Our professional team of architects and consultants ensures that the blockchain services in Dubai offered by us are in harmony with your business procedures. Finesse’s blockchain technology in Dubai, UAE, (the software behind the digital currency, Bitcoin) offers industries such as the finance sector an opportunity to overhaul its existing business model, including its banking infrastructure, approach to settlements, and customer interactions.

    We as a blockchain company, develops an ecosystem of financial applications that can improve economic activity and move the guardianship of assets to software. But acting on this opportunity and making the most of blockchain technology, is not that easy a task, owing to the core beliefs and reinforcing systems embedded in the industry. It is only a matter of time before the broader financial services and banking industries embrace the new-age blockchain and network-based approaches.

    There will be a revolution in multiple aspects of business, as blockchain technology solutions will take over the contemporary centralized business model of the financial services industry. The transparency provided by the system will turn over the ambiguity of banking and cash.

    The ability of the technology to provide a non-forgeable record of identity, including the history of an individual’s transactions, is one area being eagerly explored. Blockchain technology in Dubai has the potential to create a significant opportunity in speeding up the metabolism of the industry, improving data privacy and creating a more secure industry. The technology will also work towards minimizing errors, radically slashing costs, creating strategic value and penetrating new markets.

    Finesse, the leading blockchain company in the UAE, is well-positioned to implement blockchain solutions with you because of their 300 plus client base, including those in the financial and government sectors, among others. To know more about our blockchain technology solutions and services contact us or write to us at info@finessedirect.com