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A transport company automates its Vehicle onboarding process

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A transport company automates its Vehicle onboarding process

The vehicle onboarding process at is of key importance for the organisation. It procures 600 vehicles on a monthly basis. The manual process of onboarding the vehicle is long, tedious and error-prone. A member of the vehicle onboarding team is only able to onboard 4 vehicles in a day. The Purchase Department receives the Vehicle delivery information from the Supplier via email. The e-mail consists of the Purchase Order and Vehicle Specifications. The Purchase Department has 2 types of Users – Maker/Checker. The maker creates the Inspection Intimation in Oracle by manually picking up information from the email and populating them into the ERP fields across multiple screens. The intimation them moves into the checker workflow for approval. After checker approval the process is complete. This entire process takes considerable amount of time to complete.

Implementation of Robotic Process Automation in the current Client process helped automate the entire process starting from capturing data from the e-mail using Optical Character Reader to the creation of approved vehicle intimation in Oracle.

o Reduced Processing Time 
o Increased Accuracy 
o Data capture & Business Process standardization 
o Gain operational efficiency 
o Simplify Operations

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