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Integration process for a trading, transportation and technology company

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Integration process for a trading, transportation and technology company

The transport vertical of the Client faces huge accumulation of Salik and Traffic fine data on daily basis which has to be dealt manually. They want to automate Salik and traffic fines download from the government website, conduct sanity checks on the downloaded data to ensure no duplicates are posted, and then post the data to Fleet ERP. The current manual process of processing the humungous amount of Salik and Traffic Fines data is tedious, requires long processing time & effort and is highly error prone. The Salik data is download from the Salik website and for traffic fines Abu Dabhi and Dubai traffic websites are scraped separately. This requires the need to login into different websites by different users of the Traffic vertical of the Client. The Client is using Intermediary Database or Staging Tables to temporary store the Fine data before posting it to the Fleet ERP. They do this to make sure that accurate data is posted in the ERP only.

Implementation of Robotic Process Automation in the current Client process helped automate the entire process starting from collecting Traffic Fine and Salik data from various government websites to posting the Final Processed data onto the Fleet ERP.

o The need for staging tables is eliminated 
o The client is moved directly into production. 
o This resulted in operations cost saving for the Client. 
o Reduced Processing Time o Increased Accuracy 

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