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Blockchain Business Solutions & Services

Transform your company in the Digital Age with Blockchain Consulting, Solutions & Services

Blockchain is a technology that has enabled bilateral settlement by eliminating midpoint failures, delays, and collateral expenses. It offers several benefits to the financial services industry. The use of blockchain eliminates credit risks and exchange spreads. The technology employs cryptography to link new blocks with existing ones, ensuring that previously collected data remains secure.

As a blockchain service provider, Finesse is one of the most popular blockchain technology companies in the UK. We offer the top and trusted blockchain technology partners with their solutions to help you revolutionise and redefine your business applications and relationships by innovation.

We incorporate the most recent distributed ledger technology, identity solutions, and smart contracts into your organisation, our blockchain experts will assist you in bringing a high level of security and mobility.


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    Blockchain Technology

    The blockchain, a decentralised and independently verified chain with all its potential and capacity, provides a trustworthy and transparent business platform. Today, businesses are faced with the difficulty of keeping track of a large number of data points and numerous ongoing commercial transactions. This opens the door for enterprises to implement a well-planned and organised approach to tackle this problem.

    Blockchain technology solutions for everything you need!

    Blockchain, as a service that we offer in the UK, not only gives long-term storage of code but also finance. Here are some of its features:

    • The system is decentralised.
    • Lock or unlock your funds from anywhere in the world without a bank.
    • You can transfer value anywhere around the world instantly and for free.
    • It is a secure and transparent way to store data.
    • You’ll have more control over your funds.
    • Track transactions with ease.
    • Eliminate the need for intermediaries in payment systems.

    Why choose us for Blockchain Solutions?

    When it comes to the blockchain as a service, choosing Finesse as your preferred partner offers a range of compelling reasons. As one of the top blockchain service providers in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of innovative and reliable solutions.

    • We are excellent at detecting and providing personalised solutions to your unique company demands at Finesse.
    • We can offer you proof of concept projects that show how our solutions may solve practical issues in the market and generate viable benefits.
    • We begin with the long-term road map by creating smaller functional components to showcase how we plan to integrate your current services.
    • Don’t worry about dealing with computer geeks any longer. We hold educational seminars by inviting knowledgeable and experienced experts, providing a friendly learning environment.
    • We also provide resources such as functional and technical mobilisation.
    • We provide analytics, security, and infrastructure solutions that are tailored to your needs.
    • Contract administration
    • KYC
    • Remittances
    • Customer loyalty management
    • Public services
    • Certificates management
    • Patient records
    • Supply chain management

    How does Finesse help you with Blockchain Technology Solutions?

    Our team of architects and blockchain consultants ensures that our Blockchain solutions in align with your company processes. Finesse’s blockchain technology (the software behind Bitcoin) allows sectors such as finance to revolutionise their current business model, including their banking infrastructure, settlement method, and customer interactions. It also creates a financial ecosystem of applications that may improve economic performance and transfer the custody of assets to software. It’s not simple to take advantage of this opportunity and get the most out of blockchain technology, owing to industry-wide fundamental beliefs and reinforcement systems. It will only be a matter of time until the broader financial services and banking industries learn about blockchain and network-based solutions. There would be a fundamental shift in numerous sectors of the economy as blockchain technology solutions would take over the current centralised business model of the financial services sector.

    • Provide a secure and transparent system for banking transactions
    • Reduce the risk of fraud
    • Faster transactions
    • Saves money and time on bank fees and errors
    • Streamlined process

    Blockchain technology is the future of business. It’s an innovative way to solve problems and create new opportunities that will help your business grow. Finesse is one of the UK’s best blockchain service providers and blockchain consultancy. We can help you implement top blockchain solutions with ease because we have over 350+ clients in the financial and government sectors, among others. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help your company get started on the path towards digital transformation.

    If you’re looking for the latest blockchain business solutions or blockchain consultancy in the UK, then contact us today at info@finessedirect.com