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Improving Customer Experience with the Right CRM Solutions

As a leading software integrator, Finesse has been providing the best CRM software to organisations in the UK and across the globe and has carved a reputation of being a reliable partner. We enable digital transformation by providing organisations with the best AI-driven CRM software solutions. Our solutions can be customised based on the needs of the business and can also support third-party apps.


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    Salesforce CRM

    Salesforce CRM is cloud-based software that provides end-to-end customer relationship management solutions. The CRM software solutions not only allow departments to get access to wide-ranging reports for quick and efficient decision-making but also allow supervisors and managers to get a glimpse of what is happening in different departments that are the front face of the organisation. Salesforce CRM solutions enable managers to pre-set intervention criteria so that at any stage of a project, they can intervene and ensure superior outcomes. Finesse stands out as the best salesforce CRM provider in the UK. Our solutions are designed to meet client requirements and encompass social and customer relationship management as well as customer experience management. As a result, Salesforce CRM software solutions boost customer satisfaction and customer buying experience.

    Why Choose Finesse as Your CRM Partner?

    Finesse is a CRM provider in the UK and across the globe, offering its services to clients in central London and neighbouring areas. Finesse specialises in providing 360-degree capabilities to help organisations all around the world embrace digital transformation without complications and obstacles.

    We have a team of capable and knowledgeable developers, administrators as well as solution architects who work as a team to understand the unique needs of your business and provide the most appropriate solution. This maximises return on investment.

    Finesse has successfully helped organisations with customised CRM solutions in the UK & across the globe, and we would be more than happy to help you find the right solution for your business needs.

    Our CRM systems software is designed to make the job of your Salesforce Consultants much easier. By automating and integrating your sales processes, you will have more time to focus on your customers and close more deals.

    Finesse can provide you with a complete CRM solution, or we can work with you to customise an existing Salesforce implementation. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants have a wealth of experience in delivering successful projects.

    Mastering your unique business needs helps maximise your investments. We drive the digital transformation process for more than 350+ enterprise clients globally; and will be happy to offer our award-winning services to your esteemed organisations.

    We are the top CRM providers that offer the most effective CRM systems and software in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

    Services Provided

    CRM Client Management Services
    Finesse is a leading provider of CRM Client Management Services in the UK, offering top-notch CRM systems software designed to enhance customer relationship management across all channels. We provide cloud-based CRM software solutions in the UK that ensure your data is available on a single platform so that your teams can make prompt decisions and improve customer experience and support. The solution helps different teams improve efficiency and productivity through customised reports, forecasts, and analytics. Thus making it one of the best CRM software in the UK.
    Salesforce Service Management
    Support is the backbone of an organisation, and our Salesforce Service Cloud Management transforms the customer experience by creating a single ecosystem for app support, live support, self-service communities, knowledge centres, and social media. As a result, organisations can bring employees, customers, and partners onto a single platform. It promotes superior interaction and support and enables seamless branding and promotion. You can deliver value to stakeholders and ensure loyalty and retention.

    The Salesforce Offerings


    This automated Salesforce CRM systems software for B2B businesses aids in lead generation. It has a set of powerful tools that allow the sales team to personalise its engagement with leads. Using Pardot, the sales team can automate and keep track of lead engagements. This helps to nurture the leads and close more deals so that organisations enjoy maximum return on investment.

    Marketing Cloud

    This online marketing platform helps to personalise the buying journey of customers. Marketing Cloud integrates several solutions to enable the marketing team to manage the customer’s journey by personalising web, email, mobile and social platforms. It also makes data analysis easy to understand customer behaviour and provides customised solutions to meet their requirements.


    This is a powerful data management solution that captures and brings data from different sources onto a single platform so that the marketing team can analyse it and accordingly create their strategies. With the right data analysis, digital marketing can be customised and made more efficient to produce the right results and enhance customer experience.

    Commerce Cloud

    This Salesforce CRM software solution brings together different online commerce channels, both online and offline, onto a single platform to enhance customer experience. It enables an organisation to provide a bespoke one-to-one shopping experience as the software uses predictive analysis to cater to the needs of the customer. While customers enjoy a superior shopping experience, the backend has the necessary data and information to ensure that experience is not affected in any way.

    Service Cloud

    Service Cloud enables organisations to provide customers with superior customer support as well as help desk services. The platform enables the support team to get comprehensive insights into the customer’s buying habits and behaviour to drive customer satisfaction through exceptional customer relationship management.

    Sales Cloud

    This CRM software solution is meant for the sales team so that they can not only identify new customers but can work efficiently to close deals. It centralises the entire sales process as well as customer tracking to create a personalised customer journey. It collates data from different sources, namely marketing, sales, and service to provide better insights into customer requirements and fulfil them.

    Salesforce IQ

    This out-of-the-box sales CRM systems software app helps businesses to harness the power of customer data so that they can work to build better and longer-lasting relationships with existing and new customers. It drives business growth and can be set up with a few simple steps. It provides in-depth insights into customer data for informed and prompt decision-making.

    Salesforce Inbox

    This Salesforce CRM systems software takes integration to the next level by connecting CRM with email and calendar. The app allows the sales team to manage customers better using a unified platform. As a result, it takes away the hassle of tracking customer communications. Instead, the sales team can focus solely on customers to meet their requirements and give sales a boost.

    Sales Cloud Einstein

    This Salesforce CRM solution is powered by AI and performs comparative analysis to help sales and marketing teams understand what sets closed deals apart from lost deals. Using the comparative results as a benchmark, the application identifies the best leads and helps teams to close the deals. It uses the power of predictive analysis and automated data entry to facilitate a successful sales process – right from identifying leads, customer buying journey, order fulfilment, and customer service and support.

    Salesforce CPQ

    This CRM system software by Salesforce automates price quotes and billing. Sales and marketing teams can utilise their power to deliver prompt and accurate quotations, business proposals and contracts. The CRM systems software also automates billing as well as subscriptions, and that makes it easy to send customer invoices, collect cash, and ensure revenue generation. The software can create reports to follow up with existing and potential customers, Making it easy for any Salesforce Consultants to meet any of your Salesforce applications.

    Financial Services Cloud

    For organisations that provide financial services to clients, the Financial salesforce service cloud can be a boon. It allows financial planners and experts to understand the financial goals of customers so that they can provide bespoke advice to the customers’ preferred device or channel. By helping customers meet their financial goals, Financial Services Cloud boosts customer retention and customer relationships.

    Health Cloud

    This CRM is solely meant for healthcare facilities and helps to provide a complete overview of each patient so that the care can be customised.Doing so, promotes superior customer relationships and fosters better communication between patients and the caregiving team. The CRM software goes into action from the moment the patient registers until the treatment is completed. It also enables follow-ups with patients to strengthen customer relationships.

    Field Service Lightning

    Organisations often find it challenging to manage their mobile workforce as there is a lack of communication between the workforce and the organisation. To overcome this, organisations can integrate Field Service Lighting into their existing CRM and ensure seamless communication between the mobile workforce and the organisation, using the support centre as a conduit. As a result, the CRM systems software enhances efficiency, productivity, and coordination to serve customers better.


    This customer support app is meant for small businesses and hardly takes time to set up. It allows small businesses to extend support to their customers on any support channel that the customer wants. It enables prompt service, and this helps to foster long-lasting relationships. Using Desk.com will enable smaller businesses to boost their customer retention abilities and compete with bigger businesses on an equal footing.


    When you combine your CRM data with chat, documents, checklists, and spreadsheets, you ensure that everything that your team requires is on a single platform. That is what Quip does so that your team is empowered and can take accountability for their actions and also make quick decisions. This improves productivity and also fosters customer relationships.

    Community Cloud

    Knowledge sharing has become essential in a digitally connected world. With Community Cloud, an organisation can bring employees, partners, and customers onto a single platform where they can share, ideate, and learn from each other. This software promotes collaborative learning to provide superior customer service. Using the available resources, customers can seek information that they require in a quick time.

    Wave Analytics

    Organisations that are juggling data from different sources can now centralise it into a single data repository with the integration of Wave Analytics. This Salesforce CRM is cloud-based and takes data analysis to the next level. It comes with customisable dashboards that enable users to create bespoke reports and take data-driven actions.

    App Cloud

    App Cloud is meant for developers to create bespoke applications for organisations that use the Salesforce platform. Developers can create and manage customised applications that can make it extremely easy and convenient to manage the front-end and back-end. When organisations opt for bespoke applications, they can boost customer service and relationship management and also enhance productivity and efficiency.

    Driving Customer Engagement to the Next Level with a Bespoke Salesforce CRM Software Solution

    • Small businesses can avail of enterprise-level CRM system software to enjoy access to state-of-the-art customer service and relationship management applications, which can be scaled as the business grows.
    • The comprehensive reporting capabilities allow reporting managers and decision-makers to keep a watch on sales, marketing, and support teams and get a quick overview of what is taking place.
    • Provide real-time updates so that managers can keep track of existing campaigns and projects and intervene should the need arise.
    • The right Salesforce CRM solution offers a single platform to analyse customer behaviour and provide bespoke services. It also allows insights into channel marketing to improve productivity and efficiency.
    • Integrating Salesforce ERP can help organisations automate data management and do away with errors and ensure the accuracy of the data. As a result, finance, customer service, and sales teams have access to the right data to make prompt decisions and ensure a superior customer experience.
    • Salesforce CRM software enables multi-channel solutions so that organisations can serve customers better and on a channel or device that they prefer. This promotes superior customer satisfaction and experience and ensures customer retention.

    Find out how Finesse provides Best Salesforce CRM System Software in the UK. Drop us an email at info@finessedirect.com