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Digital Signature

Electronic Signatures for Business Continuity- Need of the Hour!

We enable enterprises and consumers to engage, exchange information, and transact securely and efficiently with a digital signature to enhance the customer experience. Digital signatures render authenticity and integrity of the information exchanged digitally, making it tamper-proof. It involves computation as well as encryption for securing an electronic message.

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How does the electronic signature Work?

By creating an electronic signature, you can sign, send, track, archive, and manage smart documents in a snap.

  1. Template – Create a new or choose from re-usable document templates
  2. Upload – Upload single or Multiple documents to sign at one go at an ease
  3. Sign – Sign single or multiple documents both using signature and token based signature
  4. Archive – Automatic archival.Automatic archival . All parties receive a copy of the signed document.

Salient Features:

  1. Sign on the Go: Send, track and sign on the go anywhere, anytime.
  2. Easy and Flexible: Optimized inbuilt e-signing workflow with our digital signing. Automates any use case B2B, B2C and internal.
  3. Advanced features: API Integration , QR Code, Connectors for CRM / ERP like SAP, Salesforce ,Sage etc.
  4. Mobile Access : IOS / Android app / Mobile web support

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