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HCM Solutions

The complete human capital management automation solution for small and big businesses

The HR function has evolved from a personnel department to becoming an essential component of the company; the human resources function has experienced significant changes. This change is being driven by digitisation, resulting in the transformation of the company's organisational culture, which has improved overall employee management and morale.

Don't you wish there was a single answer for all of your HR-related issues while standing at the crossroads of such a significant change? If that's the case, you've come to the correct spot! Finesse provides cloud-based HR software that goes above and beyond basic personnel management by providing you with a suite of advanced HR services. This is accomplished by using software to automate the essential resource, which is people within an organisation.

Human Capital Management solutions in the UK are designed to meet the needs of today's small businesses; they allow you to have detailed information about your employees. This solution is efficient for managing everything relating to human resources; it provides all the tools you need to help you efficiently manage people, whether or not they work in an organisation. This system is the best way to keep your business organised. Whether you are an employer or employee, this solution has everything for you to communicate efficiently.


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    Maximise productivity by cloud-based HRMS Solutions in the UK

    HR and Payroll Software Solutions

    Our HR software is a web- and cloud-based Human Resources (HR) services and solutions software that integrates all of your human capital needs while automating fundamental, strategic, and administrative Human Resource (HR) procedures. It’s a workflow-based system that is both browser and platform-independent. Yet, it gives enough and dependable self-service capabilities to handle multiple transactions between employees and businesses.HRMS is a web-based holistic and intuitive alignment tool that includes various features such as performance alignment & development, compensation modules, etc.

    Finesse HR software combines several systems and streamlines human resources activities such as recruitment, training, and employee data management. In coordination with the human resources department of your company, the employee management system creates and updates job roles and organisation structure to increase productivity and ensure uniform application of corporate policies.

    Gone are the days when the HR department had a hard time keeping up with employee paperwork. Our cloud-based HR and payroll software and solutions in the UK keeps track of and updates all essential employee records, such as hires, promotions, appraisals, approvals, and contract terminations. In conclusion, this approach optimises HR activities and increases your team’s availability for essential duties. The HR cloud is adaptable with a wide range of existing IT systems and low-cost ERP growth. It also lowers HR and implementation expenses while lowering ownership costs. Your company will be able to keep track of cut payroll expenditures and save time in the office with this system.

    With a mobile-powered workforce created by the payroll & HR service and solution software, you may stay connected anywhere and on any smartphone. All staff members have access to custom HR feedback through this app, which helps them improve and act swiftly on issues that need attention. Find out what HR payroll software has to offer, including the many advantages of an employee management solution.

    Time and attendance are also areas where this HCM shines. Employees would be able to schedule their time offs, cover leaves, and clearly state their presence using this system in real-time.

    Our human capital management solutions in the UK also incorporates an expense tracking program used to track company travel expenditures for employees. This cloud-based multilingual software lets you access a variety of reports, applications, forms, documents, and other items with a single click.

    HCM Management Solutions
    Our HR and payroll software is a comprehensive program that includes various applications and services to optimise efficiency and performance. This system provides you with the most practical features to manage your daily operations.
    Adrenalin HR Cloud Software
    Cloud based HR software has a multitenant architecture with tools and standard connections to ensure interoperability with other IT systems. The cloud’s high availability, flexibility, simplicity, and zero-maintenance nature are all aided by continuous replication. It also makes it possible to exchange data using web services. Cloud based HR software allows data synchronisation between systems, saving you both money and time by integrating real-time and batch mode. The benefit of integration is that it allows a firm to focus on its business applications rather than invest in hardware. In addition, cloud HR gives you data security, timely reporting, problem diagnosis, and a comprehensive, integrated information system.

    Standard Features of HRMS / Payroll software

    Let’s look at how HR software may benefit your company:

    Core HR Management

    Automate human capital management procedures in the UK like employee data management, compensation & benefits administration, and payroll administration to the fullest extent possible.

    Employee Lifecycle Management

    Your employees are your organisation's most valuable asset, and our HRMS, helps you oversee all of their essential touch-points, from onboarding to promotion to offboarding.

    Talent Acquisition & Talent Development

    Ease the process of recruiting and selecting new employees by allowing candidates to communicate their skills and qualifications over the video, which is fully automated.

    Workforce Administration

    Attendance and leave management systems are only part of it, but it also covers claims and reimbursements, shifts and scheduling, and business travel expenditure management.

    Performance Alignment

    This program handles everything from appraisal procedures to employee comments to company-wide goal alignment.

    Payroll Management

    By linking this web-based software with finance components of ERP, you may automate HR routine activities such as payroll HR solutions processes.

    Reports & Dashboard

    Available in numerous languages, this program gives you quick access to several reports, applications, forms, documents, and other organisational trends.

    Social Connection

    Connect with your staff more efficiently by using social networking sites that send out alerts, allow users to establish personal profiles, walls, and activity streams.


    Everything that helps you get more done falls into the realm of the solution. Some examples of this include task management and discussion forums.

    What is the advantage of using our Cloud-based HRMS/Payroll Software?

    Digital Transformation in a Single Product

    Our cloud based HR software solution combines all of your HR needs into one platform to help employees be more productive. It reduces time and money that would otherwise be spent on improving human resource processes.

    Modular Deployment

    HRMS provides customised modules for each company based on your unique HR demands.

    Depth of Functionality

    It offers a comprehensive HCM interface that is robust and user-friendly, allowing you to complete numerous routine duties with ease. Attendance, leave administration, travel expenses management, shift scheduling, payroll enforcement, claims, and refunds are just a few examples of complex tasks that can be completed efficiently.

    Knowledge Transfer & Support

    HRMS aids in the development of your organisation's digital human resource capabilities while lowering expenses and efforts. It is suitable for all types of business. This platform offers comprehensive assistance and regular updates for both pure-play and established enterprises.

    Ease of Implementation

    Our HR software makes sure that the HR procedures and activities are done safely, securely, on time, and efficiently through the program's pure-play approach.

    Multi Language Support

    With an app that supports employees and decision-makers in multiple languages, you can use it more quickly and effectively.

    MAC Architecture

    The software's modular design allows it to operate on both hosts and premises.

    Global Payroll HR solutions

    Whether you're in the Middle East, Asia, or Africa, the software is flexible enough to meet your country's HR and payroll rules. This is due to the fact that our cloud-based payroll software has been established in the UK and 24 other countries across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East & Africa.


    Do you want to integrate HRMS with your current ERP, payroll, or accounting systems? Don't be concerned; it will work 100 percent effectively when combined.

    AI can also assist organisations by dramatically reducing the time and resources required to hire a new employee. It may also assist human recruiters in streamlining and sharing their workload by processing job applicants based on their previous experience.

    Implementing AI in the HR department is expected to lower costs and time spent on candidate processes. In addition, it may also reduce the number of unsuccessful hires.

    HR software helps you with your company’s human capital management strategies by offering a customised suite of solutions that match your specific needs. In addition, it will make sure that all the HR data is stored and protected according to your standards. Using this program can enhance any business’ productivity.

    At Finesse, with our cloud-based HR software, we handle the whole HR process and employee lifecycle, including onboarding, payroll, performance management, development, compliance, and reporting for our clients in the UK & across the world.

    For more information on HR and Payroll Software Solutions in the UK, contact us now at info@finessedirect.com