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Privileged Identity & Access Management

A New Way to Secure your Modern Enterprises with Privileged Identities & Access Management solutions

A "Privileged Identities/Accounts" is any user or account that has special access rights within an IT system, such as built-in system accounts, admin ids in every operating system, and database and application admin ids.


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Privileged Identities & Access Management: Build and Manage Secure & Compliant Cloud Identities

The biggest threat to any organisation is unauthorised access to privileged accounts. This can lead to financial losses and reputational damage.

Privileged Identity Management (PIM) is a new approach that uses identity management technology and processes to protect organisations against insider threats and external attackers alike through continuous monitoring of user behaviour with advanced analytics tools combined with robust authentication techniques. PIM allows you to easily manage privileged identities across all departments within an enterprise environment without compromising security or compliance requirements.

Finesse platform allows companies to control, monitor and manage access to high-value systems that contain sensitive data across the entire organisation, including engineering teams, finance teams or even application development teams.

Privileged Accounts

What is considered a privileged account?

A privileged account is any user or application that has access to sensitive data, applications and systems within an organisation.

Privileged account examples are:

  • Database admins
  • Application admins
  • Outsourcing partners managing core IT Infra
  • System admins
  • Network admins
  • Cloud managers/administrators
  • Power users of business applications
  • Temporary service providers

Why choose us for PIM services?

The Iraje PIM is the most sophisticated version of PIM. It has some cutting-edge features.

Key modules in Iraje PIM are:

  • Enterprise Single Sign-On [SSO] suite
  • Enterprise password management suite
  • Video-on-demand suite
  • Security suite
  • Alert suite
  • Discovery suite
  • Automation suite
  • Dashboard suite
  • Executive reporting suite
  • BCP suite

With a product that’s used in large banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, pharmaceuticals, media and entertainment businesses, and credit ratings & infrastructure firms, there are several reasons to choose Iraje Privileged Identity Management.

  • Strong product & proven technology
  • Growing partner ecosystem
  • State of the art control and security features
  • Strong support team
When a firm is expanding rapidly, it’s critical to think about the technology that can scale quickly. Finesse has specialists who provide consulting to assist fast-growing businesses in determining answers. Our advice and approach are proactive. We can detect issues and address them before they become problems with cutting-edge network monitoring and management.

Easily Manage & Control Privileged Identities

There’s no restriction in monitoring who does what and what kind of accounts are used to manage data centre infrastructure in most firms.

Iraje PIM software helps to protect networks and endpoints from various forms of malicious attacks. In addition, it aids organisations in addressing the security, operational, and compliance concerns associated with widely used administrative accounts and passwords, excessive administrative privileges, poor separation of duties, embedded passwords in legacy applications and scripts, and improper or non-existent privileged- passwords rotation.

You can expect our support staff to help your security team implement Iraje Privileged Identity Manager throughout your environment with minimal disruption during the implementation. The initial setup will require contacting Iraje for an assessment of your requirements and to discuss options. We will be available before and after the implementation is complete to answer any questions you may have.

The most trusted solution for your business

Identity & Access governance

We are using AD integration and Single Sign-On to automate access control and user provisioning.

Comprehensive password management

Manage all privileged credentials for company assets like servers, databases, network devices, firewalls, software applications, thin clients, security appliances and storage devices.

Prevent internal fraud

All privileged user sessions are recorded and stored in Active Directory, providing accountability and preventing fraud.

Simplified Audit & Compliance

All admin accesses and activities are recorded in a single document that provides broad insight into their actions. This version of the truth answers all questions relating to administrator access, including those raised during the investigations.

Secure Cloud Environment

Cloud-based consoles provide administrators with fast and easy access to important monitoring information.

Secure Applications

These applications provide you with real-time auditing for the successful monitoring of admin activities.

Visibility and Control on Data Centre Environment

All access to the data centre environment, including administrative access, is secured. It helps keep corporate data safe.

Access all your vendors in one place

Role-based access to enterprise infrastructure helps you better manage and control all vendor/external accesses to the data centre environment.

Iraje PIM goes above and beyond traditional PIM security solutions to fully satisfy security compliance standards while enhancing an organisation’s governance, risk, and compliance.

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