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Robotic Process Automation

Automate Business Processes with the Right Automation Strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) not only connects people to their homes and gadgets but is also revolutionising business processes. As businesses realise the potential of the Internet of Things, they are adopting RPA tools and creating automation strategies that enable them to add value to their bottom line.

Finesse is a top RPA service provider worldwide. Our experienced RPA engineers and business specialists have unique skills and a deep understanding of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to support you with end-to-end RPA implementations for businesses in the United Kingdom.


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    Why Customers in 90+ Countries Choose Robotic Process Automation

    Intuitive and Insightful RPA

    Every person can use RPA Technologies without any difficulty. Enterprise-grade technology with the intuitive experience of a client utility.

    Flexible and Expandible

    With bots on-demand and 500+ ready-to-download bots, it has the shortest adoption runway. Our clients have heaps of bots in motion each day. This is RPA’s pace of business.

    Security and Compliance

    The RPA platform with centralized controls and bank-grade security architecture, exceed the RPA security, compliance, and governance necessities for world enterprises.

    Enterprise level AI and Analytics

    Combined, RPA + AI + analytics create the most effective complete RPA platform designed to deliver an enterprise-level digital workforce.

    Support and guidance

    As the finest RPA service provider in the United Kingdom, we assist every step of the way. The Automation everywhere RPA platform is inseparable from the people devoted to your RPA achievement. A+ is a complete RPA guide environment for every step of your RPA adventure.


    We set up the software that automates manual, repeatable assignments over the web or in applications. The end goal is to make improvements in quality, speed and cost.

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    Why Choose Us for Your Automation Strategy?

    • High levels of accuracy that minimise chances of errors
    • It does not require technical skills to program the bot
    • Ensures optimal regulatory compliance and ensures there are seamless records for audits
    • Does not affect existing legacy systems, and this minimises the work that the IT department has to perform
    • Allows employees to focus on tasks that add more value and are more interesting and engaging
    • Shortens process cycle times to improve productivity
    • Bots work 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted processes
    • Bots take over routine tasks so they can be performed without a hassle.
    • Allows different industries to formulate RPA banking strategies based on the needs of their industry and business
    • Processes can be scaled up or down depending on the demand
    • Improves employee retention as employees can perform more interesting tasks
    • Enables automation of processes
    • Allows seamless handling of accounts payable
    • Lets organisations verify and capture data
    • Quick and error-free processing of claims and returns
    • Allows organisations to implement ERP automation
    • Collates data from different sources for quick analysis and report generation
    • Facilitates seamless business intelligence
    • Enables automation of chatbots
    • Effortlessly allows reconciliation of accounts
    • Makes payroll processing quick and simple

    Helping Organisations Find the Perfect RPA Tools for Their Needs

    As organisations adopt digital transformation, automation strategy has become the key mantra for many. This automation strategy benefits not only the company but also the industry in which they operate. However for digital transformation to be a success, organisations need to choose the right RPA tools along with a full-fledged plan to implement the deployment.

    The right RPA tools ensure that operational processes get automated with minimal errors. Implementing an automation strategy helps to improve performance as well as efficiency, and this, in turn, reduces operational costs. By adopting these tools, organisations can seamlessly adapt to digital transformation and ensure their workforce is engaged in tasks that add value. The RPA banking bot can perform repetitive tasks and have the capacity to interpret actions, capture data, and analyse tasks.

    Finesse: The Go-To RPA Solutions Provider

    Finesse provides RPA solutions to a wide range of industries in the UK and across the world. We have a strong focus on providing our clients with successful business process automation and optimization. One of the key components of our RPA application is the ability to automatically transfer data from existing systems into new or replacement software platforms without having to manually enter this information. Some of the industries that it caters to are:

    In the healthcare industry, the right RPA solutions can streamline patient appointments, making patient examinations easy and hassle-free after they get discharged.

    You can automate repetitive tasks with the right RPA solutions. Robotic process automation might assist not just in digitization and automation, but also in speeding up front-end and back-end procedures.

    The banking sector can benefit from our RPA tools and solutions in the UK as they can automate many processes, including operations, onboarding, servicing, mortgages, and loans.

    To improve efficiency, you may automate any application procedure to streamline the process and eliminate manual labour. RPA works to simplify the application process, and improve engagement.

    Automation Anywhere Platform Features

    Deploy and Audit

    Install, plan, examine and run your virtual team through an incredibly intuitive critical command centre on-premise or within the cloud.

    Analyse and Report

    Using real-time analytics, examine and forecast operational and business metrics to build data-driven bots.

    Optimise and Prioritise

    Meet the most dynamic service level agreement (SLA) demands, by optimising and prioritising both, digital as well as the human workforce.

    Store and Protect

    Make enterprise continuity a non-issue through end-to-end HA/DR across bots, bot runners and the monitor rooms throughout at more than one location.

    Test and Enhance

    Continuously check and deploy bots with dependency help, complete version control and rollback capabilities.

    Encrypt and Secure

    The most secure authentication, encryption and credential security frameworks allow separation of duties and isolation of machines.

    Automation in Insurance

    As a leading RPA solution provider in the UK, helps to automate the insurance sector with the help of our expert RPA consultants. Automation in insurance may help to speed up the onboarding and claims-handling processes while also ensuring operational effectiveness.

    A Quantum Jump in Patient Care
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