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RPA – The sure shot way to saving on operational costs and achieving high ROI
Read on to know how exactly you can take advantage of RPA and Automation Anywhere.

Enterprise level AI and Analytics

When RPA, AI and Analytics converge they give birth to the most effective platform that is designed to deliver enterprise-level digital transformation and streamlined workflow.

Flexible and Expandible

With demand of bots surging, we offer hundreds of ready-to-use bots that increase customer engagement, save heavily on investment and time, in addition to converting traffic to leads.

Intuitive and Insightful RPA

Even a user without IT expertise person would find navigating through RPA Technologies quite effortless. This is indeed an enterprise-grade technology with the intuitive experience of a client utility.

Support and guidance

Be assured of our support every step you take through A+, the complete RPA guide. The Automation Everywhere RPA platform is inseparable from the people devoted to your RPA achievement.

Security and Compliance

The RPA platform boasts of centralized controls and bank-grade security architecture that deliver ultimate security, safety and compliance as well as abide by the governance necessities for world enterprises.

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‘Finesse partners with Automation Anywhere to provide cognitive RPA solutions’

Finesse  has partnered with Automation Anywhere in UAE to empower organizations in quicker development of their offerings through our intelligent, accurate and scalable technology. The RPA technology automates operational processes with minimal cycle times, mimics people interaction and thus improves employee morale. Of course, it also decreases fees, lessens information governance and mitigates safety risks by improving commercial business insights & efficiencies across industry verticals.

As an Automation everywhere companion, Finesse has been empowering business users generation over generation alike in embracing automated techniques end-to-end in their organizations. Some of the verticals that Finesse has elevated to a new level with Automation Anywhere’ s industry-leading platform are logistics, healthcare, education and many more. Finesse has aided clients in slashing approximately 80%-man hours on a monthly basis as well as ensuring the smooth running of processes day in and day out, by seamlessly integrating digital workers with the organizational CRM.

A successful RPA implementation entails an Effective Solution design. This is the backbone of the implementation stage and we, at Finesse, recognize this as a key driver in the overall RPA lifecycle. Hence it is of no surprise that Finesse deems Optimized Process Automation as the the focal point of implementation. Extremely efficient and smart digital workers, or bots, as they are popularly referred to, are designed and developed by Finesse designed to deliver the expected output accurately, consistently, on-time and on-demand. At any and all times, these digital workers are effective multi-taskers who transit smoothly to and from various processes as per the set schedule.

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 Invoice Processing Automation

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Take a look at how Finesse has put together Robotic Process Automation solutions that transform organizations digitally, letting their work-force focus on core tasks where customers require more attention. This allows the predictable and tedious tasks to be taken care of without any bottlenecks. Here are some use cases to give an insight on how these business enterprises have unlocked digital transformation through RPA.


RPA can help reorganize appointment scheduling and examine patients after they get discharged from the hospitals. RPA solutions will help the hospital systematize all manual tasks and tedious chores to speed up the entire administrative process of insurance eligibility. Finesse helped Zulekha Hospital to improve its services, and patient care with Automation Anywhere’s RPA solutions.

Vendor/customer creation automation in SAP for a leading retailer


The Client, who offers the widest range of high-quality fabrics in India, had a new incoming vendor/customer creation request from the Marketing team with a specified template. The creation requests gets the green signal from the Marketing HOD and is forwarded to the Business Head Approval and then in turn to the SAP Support MDM Team. It was observed that this entire process is very time consuming and goes around in circles majorly due to the large volumes.


RPA technology was introduced by Finesse to the client to facilitate the automation of the manual process of receiving customer/vendor creation requests. Automation was also applied to account creation in SAP after ensuring correct customer/vendor details as well as verifying that there are no duplications.


  • Lower manual intervention
  • Better Data Quality
  • Reduced Down Time
  • Impressive visibility
  • Improved compliance

Accounts Payable Process Automation for a leading regional wholesale IT distributor


Manual processing of Accounts Payable by the Accounting & Operations team of the client’s organization has driven the employees to devote more time on mundane tasks repeatedly, thus resulting in wastage of time and energy. Upon observing this, the management approached Finesse on solutions to effectively automate the process for attaining efficiency in carrying out day-to-day business and reporting activities. At that time, the accounting department relied massively on manual employee involvement and paper-based invoices for processing payments. The client also specifically needed a system of automation established in their invoicing and non-payroll payments.


Finesse stepped in to establish automation of the entire process starting from receiving the invoice from the supplier via email to cross-checking the same in the respective Purchase Order to posting of the Invoice in the system. We facilitated the system for following it up by verifying that the right accounts have been given the corresponding effect along with the respective reflection of the right amounts in the ledger book.


  • Slashed Costs
  • Saved Time
  • Eliminated Errors
  • Streamlined, Accurate Processing
  • Delivered Better Insights
  • Enhanced Transparency
  • Strengthened Business Relationships
  • Facility Early Payment Discounts

Vehicle onboarding process Automation for a leading transport company


For a transport company, the vehicle onboarding process is something of key importance. Our client procures 600 vehicles on a monthly basis and seemed to find the manual process of onboarding the vehicle as a long, tedious and error-prone procedure. A member of the vehicle onboarding team is only able to onboard 4 vehicles in a day. The process commences when the Purchase Department receives the vehicle delivery information from the supplier via an email which consists of the Purchase Order and Vehicle Specifications. The Purchase Department has 2 types of users – a maker and a checker. The maker formulates an Inspection Intimation in the Oracle CRM by manually pulling out information from the email and populating them into the respective ERP fields across multiple screens. The Inspection Intimation is then transferred to the check for approval. Once the checker sanctions the intimation, then the process is marked as complete. This entire process was observed to have consumed a considerable amount of time to reach its culmination point.


Finesse offered the client an integration of Robotic Process Automation to the current process in a way that aided automation of the entire process. The data capturing from email was enhanced through the usage of Optical Character Reader while the creation of approved vehicle intimation in Oracle was also made more user friendly and quicker.


  • Reduced Processing Time
  • Gained Higher Accuracy
  • Standardized Data capture & Business Process standardization
  • Exceeded operational efficiency
  • Simplified Operations

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