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Alteryx – Analytics for All

Advanced Analytics ETL and Predictive Analytics

Organizations leading in digital transformation have taken a completely different approach to how they manage data access, analytics platforms, and data-driven decision making. They’ve shifted to a democratized approach, an “Analytics for All” approach. Analytics for All may sound like a lofty goal, but it’s realizable. The keys to success are what we call the “4 E’s.”

Easy:You must make analytics easy – you have to go from data to insights in minutes and hours instead of days or weeks. The platform should be easy enough for anyone to use and have built-in smarts to increase efficiency.

Everything:The platform needs to cover the entire analytic lifecycle, including data access, ELT, ETL, prep & blend, data enrichment, analytics, geospatial, automated machine learning, and business insights – everything!

Everywhere: The platform needs to be available everywhere. For every data type and source, from your legacy on-prem databases to modern cloud data warehouses, cloud applications, and RPA bots.

Everyone:No matter your job role, skill level, department, or industry, the platform must enable everyone to participate and drive value in the analytics process. We aim to “meet people where they are” (in terms of skill level), from the meticulous data engineer wrangling huge datasets to the impatient executive needing simple insights now, and everyone in between.


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    Enterprises are Investing in Analytics, But The Analytics Gap is Only Widening

    Why do you need Alteryx data analytics?

    1. Automated Analytics for Everyone: Enable your organization to automate every step of analytics, including data prep, blending, reporting, predictive analytics, and data science.
    2. Faster Insights for Decision Making: Combine data across various data sources, using automated workflows.
    3. Scale Your Analytics: Scale your analytics across cloud, on prem and hybrid data sources. Track changes in your workflows easily using the intuitive visual interface.
    4. Make Data Science Easily Accessible for All: Create an end-to-end machine learning pipeline with just a few clicks using assisted modeling.

    Alteryx Makes Analytics Easy

    Intuitive Interfaces Built for Efficiency: 300+ drag-and-drop automation building blocks and 100+ connectors to data inputs and applications

    Approachable Advanced Analytics: Automated ML, Computer vision, and NLP

    AI Driven Insights: Automatically surface anomalies, perform root analysis, and tell data driven-stories

    Analytics Apps: Share configurable apps across the organization

    Alteryx provides Analytics for Everyone

    No matter your job role, skill level, department, or industry, Alteryx allows Everyone to participate in the analytics process.

    True analytic transformation can’t happen for an organization just in a few select pockets or silos. Unless everyone is ready to go on the journey together, the dream to become data-driven remains just that—a dream. That’s why the Alteryx platform is designed to be approachable and to meet every user wherever they are in terms of analytic and technical sophistication.

    Whether your HR team is looking to identify potential causes of employee churn, your finance team is trying to close the books accurately and quickly, or your supply chain team is working to ensure your inventory is where it needs to be, the Alteryx platform offers the analytic automation that makes it possible. You’ll see the “Alteryx is for everyone” ethos in the variety of Alteryx visual drag-and-drop interfaces, plus code-friendly and customizable capabilities. From data engineer to data scientist to data analyst to business leader; analytics truly are “for all” with Alteryx.

    Alteryx Customer Success and Services

    Helping organizations accelerate the development, deployment and adoption of world-class advanced analytics solutions.

    Multi-national investment bank and financial services company

    $52M 1 year savings across 5 departments

    602% Return on Investment

    Overall, Alteryx's advanced analytics solutions provide users with the tools and capabilities to extract insights and value from their data, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their business processes.

    For more details on Alteryx’s advanced data analytics solutions in India, contact us today at info@finessedirect.com