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Banking Process Outsourcing

Industry Leaders in Financial & Banking Business Process Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is no longer considered an undertaking. It has moved to be part of a mainstream business strategy. New scenarios are shaping the outsourcing industry as never before. More efficient and cost-effective delivery models have been coming into play.


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    Banking Process Outsourcing

    Finesse is the trusted partner for 120-plus financial institutions across the globe and provides digital solutions that include AI, chatbots, blockchain, and robotic process automation. We help companies increase their efficiencies and reduce costs across back-end and front-office operations and in various other enterprise functions.

    We are thus positioned as strategic partners in our client’s outsourcing endeavor. By understanding their plans, needs, and deliverables, we are able to create and deliver high-performance, reliable, and sustainable digitized business solutions.

    Finesse Banking Process Outsourcing Services

    Manage Post Dated Cheques

    We provide a PDC management service that includes data required for PDC presentation for clearing, pulling cheques due for production, reconciliation, and validating details such as dates, EMI, bank, and batching cheques by location/presentation center. Our efficient PDC management service will facilitate the reduction of your headcount and costs.

    Credit Analysis Services

    Our credit analysts can carry out critical evaluation of financial statements/cash flow statements/feasibility studies etc. through the application of well-developed investigative and analytical abilities. Further, they evaluate annual reports and audited financials and complete loan applications while checking the correctness of approved limits.

    Cheque Processing

    Our cheque processing services will take care of all activities from scanning, verification, data entry and reporting, handling of returned cheques to reconciliation, and secure storage of cheques.

    Cash Management & Remittance Unit Services

    We provide various services about cash management and remittance units, varying from the scanning of documents to checking and verification.

    Why choose Finesse for Your Banking Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

    Our Banking Process Outsourcing (BPO) offers banks a potential competitive advantage in the marketplace. It provides organizations with the ability to rapidly acquire the best people, reduce operational costs, and ultimately increase profits. Finesse’s approach to BPO combines a comprehensive transformation of the backend processes of a bank with a collaborative approach to delivering the service so you can focus on your core activities.


    • A 7 step 3 Phase methodology delivers pre-transition to the end state in a clean and concise cutover
    •   Structure, process, technology, and culture as strategic pillars with appropriate measures.
    • An embedded and detailed set of frameworks, templates, and best practices.
    • Measurable milestones to track progress

    Why is Finesse solutions the right choice for your organization?

    At Finesse, we understand all your critical metrics like financial goals, performance standards, risks, rules, regulations, etc. We are highly committed to offering solutions to enhance your business compliance and help service your customers more effectively. We are a trusted partner for over 120 financial institutions globally. Our Banking Business Process Outsourcing solutions are highly efficient and have helped businesses reduce their operational costs considerably whilst maintaining quality services.

    For more details on Banking Business Process Outsourcing, contact us today at info@finessedirect.com