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Managed IT Services

Premier Managed IT Services and Solutions that boost your operational efficiency and seamlessly complement your in-house IT functions.

Hoard your IT-related setbacks on us and watch us transform them into a foolproof IT management plan that will utilize world-class technology to provide you with the highest value for your business. Finesse, the numero uno fastest-growing IT company in India, is your perfect choice for managed IT services and DBA support services. The Finesse model offers you a comprehensive array of business processes such as application delivery, management, and maintenance services online and offline maintenance services.

Our DBA Services designs, implements, administers and monitors data management systems, ensuring innovation, consistency, quality, and security.

In addition, our experience of assisting over 350+ enterprise clients around the globe, including central banks, financial institutions, energy and commodity firms, corporations, and government entities, aids us in putting together savvy solutions that meet your company’s strategic needs.

We manage IT support services to ensure that your IT-related requirements are met promptly and effectively with seamless integration into your in-house operations. In addition, our professionals ensure that you have an uninterrupted flow of services and support by providing you with a personalized IT management plan to tackle and resolve all your challenges.


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    Managed IT services in India

    Business and technology are intertwined as you cannot meaningfully do justice to one without the other. IT services today are seen as the main drivers of innovators. Whether you are delivering Managed IT Support services to internal consumers or external customers, it is imperative to maintain quality service at all times. Users require technology to work efficiently and get rapid access to valuable information and insights irrespective of their location; when compromised, it results in unhappy users, less productive employees, low team member morale, and lost revenue.

    Backed up by a state-of-the-art offshore facility in Bangalore, India and 10 other global locations, Finesse has a strength of over 450+ skilled professionals in the region. These technology consultants help us in offering unparalleled, rapid and quality services of all IT-related aspects. We also have a banking process excellence (BPE) and BPO center in India that deliver best-in-class results.

    Core banking is not our only forte! Enterprise risk, treasury, loan origination & lending systems, and trade finance systems are some of the myriad IT support and services we deliver on other subsystems.  

    Let’s see how the Finesse model works!

    We believe in two things – providing value with 0% fuss and understanding your business functions with 100% depth. As a managed IT service provider in India, our competency model is built based on these two pillars. Unlike pure-play technology vendors, this model originates where the sales teams bring value to your table at the time of decision-making. But, of course, we knew pure-play technology skills would be mainstream or rather a commodity product soon. So it is of little wonder that Finesse was one of the first to recognize and build strategies based on understanding business needs in light of a customer’s experience and knowledge of the financial services domain. By taking this leap, Finesse has garnered an edge over other enterprises and remained the top choice by customers.

    With a passion for excelling, our proposition goes far beyond the transaction benefits of outsourcing and focuses on delivering business impact. With Finesse’s skill set and energy, clients can now focus on their core business while we take care of all the end-to-end managed IT and DBA services for their technology environment, non-core business processes, and support as well as maintenance services. In addition, our competent model is so reliable that our clients have been able to slash costs and risks aggressively.

    Finesse also delivers enterprise applications on a services model integrated with process outsourcing services. Gone are the days when traditional deployment alone pays dividends. The future of business applications ultimately lies in effective deployment alternatives.

    Portfolio of Managed IT Services

    Server Management
    • Management & monitoring
    • Performance management
    • Capacity analysis & forecasting
    • Root cause analysis
    • Troubleshooting
    • O/S hardening & security management
    • Patch management
    Web Management
    • Web server availability monitoring and management
    • Performance management
    • Capacity analysis and forecasting
    • Traffic load management
    • Alert notification
    • Root cause analysis and troubleshooting
    Database Management
    • Database monitoring and management
    • Performance tuning
    • Updating patches
    • Availability status
    • Upgrades and migrations
    Network Management
    • Network monitoring and management
    • Root cause analysis
    • Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
    • Alert notifications
    Security Management
    • Web application security assessment
    • Internet security assessment
    • Network security assessment
    Backup, Storage Management
    • Storage monitoring and management
    • Backup monitoring and management
    • Performance monitoring and array management
    • Catalogue management
    • Storage LAN configuration and zoning
    Application Management
    • Production support, service delivery
    • Application due diligence, portfolio analysis
    • Engagement process, application knowledge transition, sign-off process
    Communication Management
    • Enterprise
    • Telephony
    • Contact centre
    • Unified messaging services
    • VoIP provisioning
    • Conferencing and collaboration
    • IP infrastructure management
    End-user Management
    • Centralised desktop services
    • Help desk services
    • Remote desktop control and support
    • Asset management
    • Desktop applications support
    • Application packaging and core building
    • Roll out services
    Desktop Service Management
    • Asset management
    • Remote desktop control and support
    • Software distribution
    • Client application environment support
    • Migration services
    • Vendor management

    Benefits of Finesse’s Managed IT Services and Solutions

    • Costs are reduced
    • Productivity increases dramatically
    • Executives keep to their deadlines
    • Informational decision making
    • Uses existing technologies and advances new ones
    • The control and risk management levels are still acceptable
    • Optimisation of time and resources
    • Collaboration across the entire company is improved

    DBA Services

    Technology is constantly evolving, and upgrades in database technologies pose concerns in managing and optimizing mission-critical data. Businesses today rely on Databases and applications and consider these components to be of pivotal role.

    Finesse has domain experts who provide database (DBA) services that ensure guaranteed long-term sustenance of your database. With our technical expertise and 24*7*365 (round-the-clock, all-year-long) support, we fine-tune your databases to improve the performance, troubleshoot issues and ensure high availability and optimization of your mission-critical databases. Our DBA services are specifically designed to meet your custom requirements and budget with flexible service offerings and certified expertise.

    DBA Services include

    • Flexible on-site/off-site/off-shore remote database support
    • On-demand resource provision by providing additional DBA resources as and when required
    • Dedicated 24x7x365 support
    • Database setup and configuration
    • Proactive health checks
    • Security administration
    • Performance tuning and diagnostics
    • Database backup and disaster recovery strategy planning
    • High availability planning and implementation
    • Oracle GoldenGate configuration and support
    • Architecture review
    • Database migration

    For more details on Managed IT & DBA Services and Solutions in India, contact us today at info@finessedirect.com