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Money may contain a host of infectious agents, including viruses, bacteria, general germs etc at any time, regardless of the presence of a novel outbreak. Specifically, a higher risk of transmission through money than any other medium has recently created a worldwide rising interest in the money sterilization.

To resolve this, we introduce a sterilizer machine – “Plasma Money Sterilizer” sterilizing and disinfecting money (bills, coins) transmitting germs or bacteria in our living. It can be used for banks, post offices, large shopping malls, markets or all cash transaction places which lots of money are spent.


Quick Sterilization using Plasma ion Cluster

The Plasma Money Sterilizer is the World’s First Opened Bill Sterilizer which removes Bacterial fine dust (PM 2.5) and kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds. The Plasma Sterilizer is opened using our own developed Plasma ion cluster for the disinfection & sterilization in the air, instead of utilizing the existing UV ray or germicide methods.

A leader in the market and having proven technical ability of Money Sterilization through multiple design and patent applications. And we will do our utmost to keep currency hygienic for the citizens of the world to lead healthier lives.


Advantages of using a Sterilizer machine

  • Quick Sterilization using Plasma ion cluster
  • Sterilization Harmless to Human Body
  • Dedust /Odorizing / Hazardous materials removal
  • Sterilize Currency Notes, Coins, Cheques
  • Sterilization upon counting Currency (20 sec- 98% / 30 sec – 99.9% Sterilization)


Product features of our Plasma Money Sterilizer machine

  • When counting bills, Plasma ion cluster penetrates between bills and sterilizes bills
  • Applied HEPA filter to remove fine dust(PM2.5) on bills
  • Tilted slot, ergonomic design
  • High efficiency sterilizing design
  • Money sterilizer operates by auto recognition upon inserting bills
  • Semi-permanent high efficiency money sterilizer
  • Built-in communication UTP and POWER line
  • Automatic sterilization timer setting
  • Release more than ten million of Plasma ions
  • World First Open-Sterilizer Different only one Developed
  • Sterilization upon counting bills… 20 sec – 98% / 30 sec. – 99.9%
  • Plasma ion cluster – releases 10 million ion clusters
  • Low maintenance cost


Dedusting Deodorizing Decontaminating

Bills have the environment for the microorganisms to live in, furthermore contaminants don’t live there, but proliferate, so over 3,000 types of germs such as virus, bacteria, general germs, mold, etc.


Functional Areas

  • Banks/ Currency exchanges/ Financial Institutions – Employees working in financial institutions handling money
  • Hospitals – Disease prevention of employees and health protection due to contamination of currency
  • Retail / Supermarket / Department Store – All people handling money


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