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Plasma Ion Money Sterilizer

Plasma Money Sterilizer is the World's First Opened Bill Sterilizer Machine

Money may contain a host of infectious agents, including viruses, bacteria, general germs, etc., at any time, regardless of the presence of a novel outbreak. Specifically, a higher risk of transmission through money than any other medium has recently created a rising interest in money sterilization worldwide.

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The Plasma Ion Money Sterilizer is the perfect way to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and germs from money

To address this, we built a sterilizer machine – the “Plasma Money Sterilizer” that cleans and disinfects money (bills, coins) with germs or bacteria. It’s suitable for banks, post offices, large shopping malls, markets, and all-cash transaction locations.

Why Choose Us

  • Plasma ion clusters can be used to rapidly sterilization
  • It is not harmful to the human body
  • Help remove of dust, odors, and potentially harmful substances
  • Currency notes, coins, and cheques should all be sterilized
  • The machine is sterilizes money after counting (20 seconds – 98% / 30 seconds -99.9 percent)

Listed below are the capabilities necessary to carry out some of the functional areas.

  • Financial institutions/banks/currency exchanges -Employees working in financial services dealing with money
  • Hospitals – Disease prevention and health protection for employees as a result of contaminated cash
  • Retail/supermarket/department store – Every individual working with money

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Key Features of the Plasma Money Sterilizer Machine

  • The plasma ion cluster travels between bills when counting money and sterilizes them
  • On the bills, a HEPA filter has been used to eliminate tiny dust (PM 2.5)
  • Design for high-efficiency sterilization
  • When bills are placed in the machine, it recognizes them automatically
  • High-efficiency money sterilizer that is semi-permanent
  • Timer setting for automatic sterilization
  • Release more than 10 million Plasma ions
  • Tilted slot, ergonomic design
  • World’s first open-money sterilizer
  • Built-in communication UTP and POWER line
  • Sterilization upon counting bills e.g. 20 sec – 98% / 30 sec. – 99.9%
  • Low operating cost

Plasma ion cluster rapid sterilization

The “Plasma Money Sterilizer,” which is the world’s first opened bill sterilizer, removes fine bacterial dust (PM 2.5) and kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds by using our own developed plasma ion cluster for disinfection and sterilization in the air rather than conventional UV radiation or germicide techniques.

Our firm is a market leader in money sterilization, with several designs and patent applications demonstrating our technical competence. We will do everything we can to keep currency hygienic for the world’s people to live healthier lives.

Dedusting Deodorizing Decontaminating

Because paper money is capable of carrying hundreds of germs from every environment it comes into touch with, whether it’s via someone’s fingertips or under a mattress, it may become contaminated. The Plasma Money Steriliser makes cash both clean and safe.

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