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Salesforce CRM Dubai Solutions; is an amazingly powerful cloud based tool that meets the different requirements of an organization in providing solutions to meet end to end customer needs.

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Salesforce CRM Dubai, UAE: Best CRM Software, Cloud and ERP integration

How to enhance Customer Engagement through our Cloud Based CRM Solution

1. Salesforce CRM Partner Dubai, offers small businesses the control and functionality of an enterprise level CRM in a package that can be progressively scaled and upgraded over a period.

2. It has extensive reporting capabilities and visual dashboards that give management visibility into what’s happening in sales, support and marketing departments.

3. Managers can use Salesforce CRM Partner Dubai software to gain from real time update of on-going campaigns and projects through tracking and reporting. Based on prior criteria’s established, managers can intervene at any stage to improve project or campaign outcome.

4. Salesforce cloud is a very useful CRM solution by Salesforce which allows you to manage everything, right from analyzing customer activity to channel marketing, all on a single platform.

5. Salesforce ERP integrations ensure smooth data flows during your everyday operations. With this integration, you can deal faster with customers, enhance customer service, increase visibility of data that will be used by your sales or finance departments, let your sales, account and customer service teams make faster, smarter and more informed decisions. Salesforce ERP implementations help automate data management tasks and increase data accuracy, etc.

6. This Omni channel solution for Customer Experience Management, Customer Relationship Management and Social CRM is designed based on client requirements to exceed their expectations, thus increasing customer satisfaction and experience. It enables you to connect with your customers in a completely new way.


Finesse as a Salesforce Consultant in Dubai, UAE

Most trusted Salesforce CRM partner in Dubai, UAE, India and other GCC countries

Finesse has expert salesforce consultants in Dubai to understand your unique business needs, and customize the CRM to fit your client’s requirement, from small businesses to big corporations. We, as a Salesforce consultants in Dubai help your organization build a better and meaningful customer relationship with our powerful CRM software solutions.

CRM Client Management Services

Finesse as a Salesforce Consultancy in Dubai, helps their clients unlock capabilities on the go, including social, mobile and analytics, leading to enhanced productivity, win rates and revenue. Our cloud-based CRM software solutions allow them to pull together a 360-degree view of their customer. Manage their pipeline & forecasts, address complex commission models, facilitate order management efficiently and much more.

Salesforce Service Management

Service related capabilities let their clients transform customer experience with app support, live agent support, knowledge centers, self-service communities and social media. Serve customers within the social channels where they participate every day. With huge advances in social interaction, branding, customization, and mobile access, Salesforce Community portals deliver incredible value to your customers, partners, and employees. Finesse as a Salesforce consultancy in Dubai, opens the doors for enterprises to connect to the larger ecosystem while having less turnaround time, better sales & revenue cycle and stay ahead of competition with the CRM software by Salesforce implementation Dubai, UAE.


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Our Salesforce Portfolio

  1. Pardot
    B2B marketing automation – This CRM software enable marketers to exceed lead generation goals with tools to create, automate, and track personalized engagements, all while aligning with and empowering their sales teams.
    Find and nurture new leads, close more deals and maximise ROI.
  2. Marketing Cloud
    Digital marketing platform that allows you to create 1-to-1 customer journeys across all channels.
    Marketing Cloud delivers relevant, personalized experiences across all channels and devices using integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social, web personalization, advertising, content creation and management, and data analysis. Connect with every customer interaction with this unified marketing platform, personalising their experience across everything.
  3. Krux
    Data Management Platform (DMP) that captures, analyzes and activates consumer data.
    Krux is one of the CRM softwares by Salesforce which enables marketers to capture, unify, and activate consumer data from any source, device or channel and use it to drive more efficient and effective digital advertising. This CRM platform allows you to merge data from different sources to deliver an elevated market experience.
  4. Commerce Cloud
    Digital commerce, point of sale, and order management – unified for a connected customer experience.
    This Salesforce CRM creates a unified customer experience across all points of commerce, including web, social, mobile, store, and others. From shopping, to fulfilment, to customer service, Commerce Cloud delivers a 1-to-1 shopping experience with built-in predictive intelligence. Offer customers a seamless commerce experience that unifies with your backend systems.
  5. Service Cloud
    Fully customizable support and help desk platform – Offer the best service to your customers with Service Cloud which gives your team a 360-degree view of every customer and enables your business to increase productivity and customer satisfaction by delivering smarter, faster, and more personalized customer relationship management support.
  6. Sales Cloud
    Centralize your sales processes and tracking – Sales Cloud is one of the CRM softwares by Salesforce which can help you grow your accounts, find new customers, and close deals faster – from anywhere. Create a complete personalised journey for your customers by connecting data across sales, service and marketing.
  7. Salesforce IQ
    Out-of-the-box sales app for growing businesses – Bringing the power of relationship intelligence to your inbox, SalesforceIQ CRM is an out-of-the-box sales app built for growing business that are looking to get up and running in minutes. Build stronger and long-lasting relationships with new and existing customers through intelligent and robust data-driven insights.
  8. Salesforce Inbox
    Bring the power of Salesforce integration to your inbox with this CRM software solution.
    Salesforce integration to your inbox brings email, calendar, and CRM together into one app so that you can spend more time selling. Transform the way your reps sell and elevate your business outcomes with a better customer relationship management.
  9. Sales Cloud Einstein
    AI embedded in your sales process – Sales Cloud Einstein is the world’s most intelligent customer relationship management platform which analysis your CRM data to learn what separates deals won from deals lost. Then it highlights your top leads and next steps to close. This CRM software by Salesforce makes every selling instant experience count by automating data entry and predictive analysis.
  10. Salesforce CPQ
    Configure-price-quote (CPQ) and billing automation – This CRM software by Salesforce enables accurate delivery of quotes, proposals, and contracts. Additionally, it helps you automate billing, subscriptions, and revenue recognition by reducing complications with sending invoices, collecting cash and recognising revenue and report on quotes.
  11. Financial Services Cloud
    The world’s #1 CRM, reinvented for Financial Services – Exceed the expectations of clients who are looking for proactive, personalized, and goal-based advice delivered any time across any channel or device with Financial Services Cloud, the most dynamic CRM software which can help you guide your clients to achieve their financial goals.
  12. Health Cloud
    The world’s #1 CRM, reinvented for Healthcare and Life Sciences – Streamline patient care with a complete view of the patient, smarter customer relationship management, and a connected patient engagement experience with Salesforce Health Cloud. This CRM software enables better communication between care teams and patients, strengthens member relationship with complete assistance, right from sales to clinical support and achieves best member outcomes.
  13. Field Service Lightning
    Field service management to connect your mobile work force with your support center.
    Deliver 360-degree support from the contact center to the field. Effectively plan and manage your entire mobile workforce from any device and deliver an intelligent onsite service with Field Service Lightning by Salesforce. Evolve your field operations with the #1 CRM software for service.
    Out-of-the-box customer support app – All-in-one customer support for small business: set up in hours to help more customers in less time, across every support channel. This CRM software solution by Salesforce helps provide quick and smarter services to customers and build an exceptional customer loyalty, especially for small business. From one-step setup to self-service customer support, Help Desk Software from Salesforce helps building long-lasting and deeper customer relationships.
  15. Quip
    Productivity and content collaboration suite – Salesforce integration combines documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and chat with your live CRM data for a seamless experience to create, edit, discuss, and organize your team’s work all in one place. With this CRM solution, you can focus on high-value tasks and make faster decision, which empowers your employees to get things done at a faster rate.
  16. Community Cloud
    Salesforce integration tools connect customers, partners, and employees directly to the information, apps, and experts they need.
    Community Cloud allows you to connect customers, grow partner sales, and empower employees. Harness the power of our online collaboration software solution to build deeper customer relationships, create a dynamic self-service experience and provide a distinguished customer service. Improve your engagement with customers, partners and employees with one of the worlds #1 cloud-based CRM solutions by Salesforce.
  17. Wave Analytics
    Centralize all of your business analytics, from all of your data sources, in one place.
    Allows you to have a 360-degree view of your organization with easy-to-build dashboards, and integrated data to analyze all of your business information in one place. This cloud-based CRM tool can help you to create powerful reports and dashboards from your large amount of enterprise data.
  18. App Cloud
    Salesforce’s extended app development environment – Salesforce’s ecosystem of CRM tools and services that provide the fastest, easiest way to create, deliver, and manage internal and customer-facing applications. App Cloud allows developers to quickly create applications that run on Salesforce platform.


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