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We offer a suite of HR Services including Talent Acquisition, Temporary Staffing, Shared Services, Payroll Management, HR Data Management and HR Automation. Owing to our domain experience, we understand your needs, speak your language and offer best-fit talents and solutions.

Our HR services portfolio includes:

  • Talent AcquisitionTalent acquisition refers to the way toward distinguishing and obtaining talented laborers to meet your authoritative needs. Our Outsourcing company is responsible for identifying, acquiring, assessing, and hiring candidates to fill open positions within a company. Employer branding, future resource planning, diversifying a company’s labor force, and developing a robust candidate pipeline are the foundations of talent acquisition.

    Our Capabilities incorporate sourcing procedures, up-and-comer appraisal, consistence and enlisting guidelines, and familiarity with work marking rehearses and corporate contracting activities.

    IT recruiters fill vacancies. Talent acquisition consultants, use a progressing procedure of recognizing authorities, pioneers, and future administrators for your association. Talent acquisition departments center more around long-haul HR arranging as opposed to transient work requests.

  • Temporary StaffingTemporary staffing solutions that offer you the capacity to fabricate your staff quality without retaining them full time, help over-burden workers during crucial occasions, and keep ventures moving. We are one of the leading employee leasing HR Outsourcing services in UAE, offering a full service, cost-effective, and efficient Human Resource Management services to organizations that may not have the necessary infrastructure or inclination to perform these labor-intensive tasks. When you hire us as your temporary staffing outsourcing company, we would work simply like your organization’s own HR Department, short the problems and monotony that you’d in any case need to manage.
  • Shared ServicesShared services are the union of business activities that are utilized by numerous pieces of a similar association.

    Shared services are cost-proficient on the grounds that they unify back-office tasks that are utilized by numerous divisions of a similar organization and kill repetition. A few organizations utilize a chargeback framework to charge divisions that utilization the administration on a for every utilization, per-quarter or per-year premise. Other companies absorb the cost of shared services as part of the continuing cost of running the business. Today, most companies employ a shared services model for finance, human resources solutions and information technology.

  • OutsourcingOutsourcing has become a major trend in IT recruiting and HR solutions over the past decade. It’s the act of sending certain activity capacities outside an organization as opposed to taking care of them in house. More and more companies, large and small, are turning to outsourcing companies as a way to grow while restraining payroll and overhead costs.
  • Payroll ManagementWe deal with your finance consistence commitments, for example, the Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI) and so forth.

    Our operational pros are additionally industry specialists who see all the complexities engaged with the full and last settlement process. We oversee everything from Calculating payable days to combined reports on net payable/recoverable, last assessment functions, diary voucher and so forth.

  • HR Data ManagementA HRMS is successfully for information the executives, used to arrange, secure, store and recover the data identifying with your organization’s workers. It stands to reason that this tool is equipped with the best means of managing your people data across your organization. We as an outsourcing company can help you attain your HR solution needs.
  • HR Help DeskAs human resource solutions challenges continue to evolve over the next few years, you need to invest in software that empowers you to make a real impact. Regardless of whether it’s better enrollment forms or expanding worker commitment, there is more weight than any time in recent memory to convey unmistakable incentive to the remainder of your association.

    Our HR helpdesk software for internal teams brings together all HR support requests into a single, intuitive interface – regardless of whether it’s over email, phone, or live chat. With Finesse HR Outsourcing Solutions, you can easily maximize the impact of your resources and improve internal helpdesk efficiency.

  • Training and Performance ManagementIt very well may be expensive and baffling for businesses to have individuals from staff who aren’t performing. In any case, managers have a commitment to guarantee that workers are given the necessary preparing and advancement important to finish the activity they are procured to do. We layout when you may need to concentrate on preparing and advancement according to execution the board of staff.
  • HR Automation.HR automation is the process of enhancing the efficiency of the HR Solutions by freeing employees from tedious manual tasks, and allowing them to focus on complex tasks like decision making and strategizing. Via robotizing standard and dreary HR exercises, associations can decrease the expense and time they spend on manual HR arranging and preparing.

For our customers we manage the entire HR process including On-Boarding, Payroll, Compliance, & Management Reports.

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