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Microsoft Azure is an Advanced Cloud Computing Platform. It is a suite of cloud computing services to enable enterprises to meet their challenges. It is an ever-expanding platform which allows you to save data as per your requirements. This PaaS solution is beneficial for building and hosting a secure platform for businesses to keep all the data. With Microsoft Azure and its cloud solution services, you can introduce order and productivity and make your business more efficient. Azure cloud services are adjustable to individual storage needs and are usable across different business departments and solutions.

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Flexible and Affordable Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, UAE

It offers the freedom to build, deploy and manage applications on a large global network using preferred tools and framework. It consists of Azure, SQL Azure and Azure App Fabric Controller along with application hosting infrastructure facility. Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform is a feasible and more secure, flexible and reliable platform with minimal chances of damage and theft.

  • Azure is Productive: It provides the freedom to use any tool, language or framework for business. It compliments languages such as Node.js, .NET and Java. Microsoft Azure allows enterprises or organizations to increase productivity with suitable development tools like Visual Studio.Build native mobile apps, web apps and next generation applications such as bots. It enables users to solve complex challenges and run the app seamlessly through Visual Studio tools and key Azure services.Also, the user can develop with open-source technologies using Azure Functions and utilize artificial intelligence and data. There are over 150 advanced Azure Logic Apps connectors inclusive of Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google services and Twitter.
  • Azure is Hybrid: It offers a secure, fast hybrid network for data center with Azure Stack. It allows to increase on-premises cloud infrastructure by implementing Azure services to deploy applications anywhere across user’s hybrid setting. Microsoft Azure also unifies DevOps for agile development and reliable software delivery across the hybrid cloud network by adoption of delivery pipeline amidst on-premises and cloud server. To be specific, it results in better products, faster delivery and happy customers.
  • Azure is Trusted: Microsoft’s advanced cloud computing infrastructure allows to reduce security costs whilst inspiring innovation to safeguard the data and apps. The built-in security controls includes identity management enabling quick response to threats with real time threat detection service provided by Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.
    Customers can control their data with built-in privacy controls adhering to some of industry’s firmest privacy standards. Furthermore, Artificial intelligence and machine learning allows user to know and analyze latest customer trends. Gain insights to grow your business and as well, build data-resilient applications with Microsoft Azure back up services.
  • Azure is Intelligent: Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform comes with a niche set of Azure data and Artificial Intelligence services like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Databricks, Azure Bot Service and Azure Cognitive Services, thus enabling new experience in your apps. An array of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) can be used to build AI applications, optimized for thorough AI scenarios.
  • Azure is Secure: With a proactive approach, Microsoft Azure cloud services ensures security and privacy along with 70+ compliance offerings. It incorporates multi-layered security across data centers, infrastructure, and operations. The built-in Azure security controls breach of identity, data, and apps. It also ensures quick response system to threats and gives deeper insights from Azure Security Center. Threat detection is faster using real-time unique cyber security intelligence.
  • Azure is cost-efficient: With more than 100 services and storage resources at hand for use, Azure comes as a great deal for enterprises and organizations. Cloud computing doesn’t require on-premises data center and thus reducing the cost of maintenance, and hardware.

Microsoft Azure cloud services is easy to handle and works in compliance with the organization’s needs. It is a customizable platform where the organization can pay only for the chosen services. Apart from this, Azure is also a global platform and data centers are accessible in more regions compared to other cloud platforms.


Microsoft Azure,Microsoft Office 365 and cloud computing Services in Dubai, UAE

Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular integrated cloud computing services for business requirements. The application includes utilisation in the fields of analytics, cloud computing, cloud storage, mobile, database and more. If you are looking for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Contact FinesseDirect for more information about integrating azure cloud platform in Dubai. Speak to our experts to understand if Microsoft cloud computing services is the right option for you.

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