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Privileged Identities & Access Management in Dubai, UAE

The term “Privileged Identities/Accounts” refers to any type of user or account that holds special permissions within IT environment like built-in system accounts, admin ids in every operating system, database or applications.

Privileged Identities & Access Management, Finesse

These accounts are distinguished from general user IDs by assignment of security, administrative, or system authorities. Privileged accounts and passwords are extremely powerful, allowing a privileged user to logon anonymously and have complete control access managed to all the information on that system. The vulnerability could potentially cause tremendous financial losses and reputational damage for businesses. What your organisation needs is a privileged Identity Management system.

Privileged accounts give system wide access to anyone with a password.

  • How well protected are the passwords?
  • Do they change often?
  • Who is using them and are they easy to crack?
  • If so, then the organisation may be risking a serious data security breach.


The Privileged User

Who are these typical privileged users who pose a threat to your organization?

  • Outsourcing partners managing core IT Infra
  • System administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Application administrators
  • Cloud managers/administrators
  • Power users of business applications
  • Temporary service providers


The Solution to Privileged Identities & Access Management

In many organizations there is no or limited monitoring around who does what and what kind of accounts are being used to manage datacentre infrastructure.
Iraje Privileged Identity Manager (PIM) is the solution to automate control over administrative accounts, which typically put too much power in too many people’s hands with too little accountability.
Iraje PIM helps to address the security, operational and compliance issues posed by the widely shared administrative accounts and passwords, excessive administrative rights, poor segregation of duties, embedded passwords in legacy applications and scripts, and poor or non-existent privileged- password rotation. It also provides individual accountability and an audit trail to prove that policies and controls are actually being enforced. Iraje PIM will also guarantee a well-controlled access management system within the organisation.

Key Features of Iraje PIM

  • Identity & Access governance

Access control management through AD integration and Single Sign On

  • Comprehensive password management

Manage all privileged passwords of enterprise assets like servers, databases, network devices, firewalls, applications, thick clients, security appliances & storage devices.

  • Prevent internal fraud

Session Logs and video recordings of every privileged user session ensures accountability and helps prevent fraud.

  • Simplified Audit & Compliance

Single version of truth of all accesses and activities performed by admins for easy audit and effective compliance.

  • Secure Cloud Environment

Secure admin access to cloud based consoles for effective monitoring of admin activities

  • Secure Applications

Secure admin access to applications for effective monitoring of admin activities

  • Complete Visibility and Control on datacentre environment

Visibility and control on all admin accesses to datacentre environment that helps protect enterprise data

  • Manage all vendor accesses more effectively

Role based access to enterprise infrastructure allows you to manage and control all vendor/external accesses to datacentre environment more effectively and transparently.

Why choose us?


Iraje PIM is the most advanced PIM and has cutting edge features.
Key modules in Iraje PIM are:

  • Enterprise Single Sign On [SSO] Suite
  • Enterprise Password Management Suite
  • Video On Demand Suite
  • Security Suite
  • Alert Suite
  • Discovery Suite
  • Automation Suite
  • Dashboard Suite
  • Executive Reporting Suite
  • BCP Suite


With a product that’s deployed in large Bank, Insurance, Mutual Fund, Pharma, Media & Entertainment, Credit Rating & Infrastructure companies, there is more than one reason to go for Iraje Privilege Identity Management.
Iraje PIM has:

  • Strong product & proven technology
  • Growing partner eco system
  • State of the art control and security features
  • Strong support team

Iraje PIM goes beyond conventional PIM solutions to emphatically meet security compliance requirements and improving the overall Governance, Risk and Compliance of organizations.

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