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Virtual Secure Element

Building on the industry-leading patented V-OS Virtual Secure Element, V-Key has developed a highly secure framework that integrates with mobile apps to secure them against advanced persistent threats, trojans, and rootkits.

Protection with Threat Intelligence

  • V-OS secures sensitive processing and data, ensuring app integrity when deployed, and safeguarding user privacy even if the device is lost or compromised.
  • Device integrity checks for malware
  • File system integrity checks to detect backdoors and rootkits
  • App integrity checks against tampering
  • Network integrity checks against MITM attacks on Data-in-Transit
  • Secure Cryptographic functions for both Data-at-Rest and Data-in-Use
  • Secure Anti-Fraud Keyboard

Threat Intelligence Security Management

  • Designed as the Mobile Threat Command and control system, enterprises can configure security policies to manage attack response and control.
  • Collect Real-time App Threats
  • OTA Policy Updates
  • Extensive RESTful web services
  • Integrate easily with MDMS, SIEMs, and other Threat Analytic Engines for seamless management


Multi-layered Security
Binary Code Morphing, Anti-reverse engineering, trojan detection mechanisms, Tamper response mechanisms.
Application Controls
Limit users on How, When, and Where they use your applications, including Geo-fencing or enforcing time limits.
Threat Response
Policies Set policies on how apps should react to threats
Android and iOS Support
Small footprint on mobile platforms.


Robust App Protection solution secured by the anti-fraud, anti-malware V-OS Virtual Secure Element
V-OS App Protection server provides a number of policy controls that administrators can use.
Add trusted TLS / SSL Servers for data-in-transit protection. Customize how the application will respond to mobile threats

  • Real-time information on App Threats detected by mobile applications
  • Threat forensics for which mobile apps are being attacked from where, when, and which attack vectors
  • Issue individualized V-OS cryptographic modules for identity and authentication


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