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Qlik Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Software Solutions

Today, more and more companies are realizing how crucial data analysis is for their operations. The generation of data and content has increased rapidly over the last few years. There is also a rise in the computing and analytical capabilities of tools used in modern days. One such strategy that can transform your business and take the lead is Business intelligence (BI).

Business intelligence (BI) helps enterprises to equip their decision-makers with the right information at the right time in the right context to significantly improve the quality of decision-making. Our Qlik BI and analytics tools can help you to optimize your enterprise performance while dynamically respond to opportunities and threats.

Business Intelligence Solutions Provider

We, as Business intelligence (BI) providers, can work closely with you to design your enterprise-wide Business Intelligence strategy with the most advanced BI and analytics software solutions by Qlik. Our expertise combined with domain knowledge makes us one of the preferred BI providers for many of our global clients. Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics tools allows organizations to search through their data instantaneously and derive in-depth insights that helps them strategise effective courses of action for the future.

Organizations can take a closer look at their operations and efficiency, using the modern BI and Qlik analytical tools that provide context and meaning to their data. Our business intelligence (BI) enable organizations to interact and implement at a real time momentum for the insights gathered. Qlik provides responsiveness and resilience which builds into our Business Intelligence and data analytics software solutions to allow it to be agile and to respond to current business conditions. Transform the power of insights and reporting with Qlik’s guided BI analytics tools.

Leading Qlik Partners

As a leading Qlik partner , Finesse helps organizations harness the collective human intelligence of organizations with the help of the most robust and powerful BI analytics tools so that their organisational data is optimized. The technologies we use are naturally intuitive thus helping in bringing out the best in the people that use them. As Qlik partners , we help businesses get actionable insights and adapt to changing environments.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics Software Solutions with Qlik View and Qlik Sense

  • Business Intelligence strategy
  • BI Blueprint
  • BI Health Check
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Business Case Modelling & Capacity Planning
  • Master Data & Meta Data Management
  • Data Architecture & Data Quality Management
  • Analytical Model Building, Testing & Deployment
  • Predictive Analytics

Why are BI & Analytics Strategy and Tools Critical for your Business?

Gain real-time Business, Customer and Competitive insights and make more informed business decisions with our Business Intelligence (BI) Partner – Qlik Data Analytics Platform.

Finesse, with the Qlik BI analytics software, will help you make effective business decisions and stay ahead in the race in today’s highly competitive world. Contact us to request a FREE Demo.


Zulekha Hospital

"Health Care industry is going so fast and information has become so important that one would want to know everything right now. With the help of Finesse, information about the health of the organization is now available to us at real-time. Our IT team worked along with Finesse and they came up with a solution for gathering data and transforming them into a graphical representation and we are seeing wonderful results."

Kotak Securities

"The world of broking has shifted to everybody's mobile phone. Only relevant companies who are capable of absorbing the information via business intelligence will stay market leaders in their respective field going forward. I believe it is extremely important for an implementation partner to ensure that usage becomes significantly uncomplicated. Association with Finesse has allowed us to make sure that the implementation of Qlik Sense is addressed to fit our requirements and it's easy to navigate and thereby to take the right decisions."

Gulf Air

"Finesse was able to understand our business road map and challenges. They were able to adapt to it and with our expertise we were collectively able to come up with a solution that we are all proud of. Finesse has been our strategic technology partner and we work very closely to adapt to complex technologies such as business intelligence and big data for quicker decision making."

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