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At Finesse, our vision is to positively impact the lives of people around us. In line with the same, we have committed to spend 1% of our revenue to uplift the state of education and healthcare in our society. Learning Spaces is our first step in this direction.

Learning Spaces - Initiative by Finesse Foundation

Learning Spaces, an initiative by Finesse Foundation

We are all born curious, but somewhere burdened by the current education system, this curiosity wanes. Moving on to the next class, getting admitted into university, and collecting certificates appear to be the passport for good life. Having spent our formative years complying and competing, we struggle when we are asked to innovate and collaborate. Our current schooling was designed to fulfill the needs of The Industrial Age, to produce compliant workers using a rigid structure and defined guidelines. This system is inherently flawed in building the qualities of decision-making, creativity, collaboration, and leadership that are imperatives today.

Learning Spaces aim to bridge this gap. Equipped with computers, books, and other resources for children to explore, they aim to provide an environment where students can –

  • Ask questions without any fear of reprimand.
  • Explore the world of Google and Wikipedia.
  • Work on solving a community problem.
  • Understand science building Toys from Trash (Arvind Gupta).
  • Hone their communication skills in English and their mother tongue.
  • Learn to manage their life with yoga and meditation.
  • Collaborate to find solutions to challenging questions.
  • Read books to each other, discuss and understand perspectives.
  • Learn a vocational skill.
  • Explore world history.
  • Learn to lead by taking ownership of the Learning Space.
  • Understand the application of their learning to real life.
Current Learning Spaces is a government run school in Hyakanuru, Karnataka within a community in Muthathi, Karnataka. Both villages are an hour-long drive from Mysore city. The Learning Spaces would cater to the villages nearby as well. These spaces are being built in association with Pratham, a leading NGO in India.