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Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions

A Complete Solution for Hiring, Onboarding, and Managing Employees!

The HR department has evolved from a personnel department to an essential aspect of the company, while human resources administration has seen major modifications. This change is being driven by digitization, which is resulting in an improvement in the company's corporate culture. As a result of the more frequent monitoring, employee management and morale have improved.

Don't you wish there was a simple answer for all of your HR obstacles just ahead of such an enormous change? If that's the case, you've come to the correct location! The Adrenaline HR software solutions are cloud-based, delivering a wide range of intricate HR services as well as basic personnel management features. This is accomplished by using computer software to automate the most important resource, which is people in a business.

All of our solutions are designed to satisfy the demands of today's micro-enterprises as they provide you with a lot of information about your staff, including their performance and goals. This program is useful for keeping track of everything concerning personnel administration, whether you're a business or a non-profit. It has all the tools you'll need to effectively manage people, whether they are employed by a firm or not. This is the most efficient approach to keep your organization functioning properly. Whether you're a boss or an employee, this software has everything you need to communicate effectively.


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    Transform your business HR Management with the latest Adrenalin cloud-based HRMS Solutions

    Adrenalin Solutions

    Adrenalin HR is a Human Resources (HR) software that combines all of your human capital demands, automates basic, strategic, and administrative Human Resource (HR) procedures, and is offered as a web- and cloud-based service. It’s a browser- and platform-independent workflow that executes in any browser or platform. However, it does provide ample and dependable self-serve alternatives to manage a variety of commercial transactions.

    Adrenalin HR is a software platform that links several systems and automates personnel operations such as recruitment, training, and employee data management. The employee management system links to your business’s human resources department to generate and modify job roles and organizational structure in order to boost output while ensuring that corporate rules are uniformly applied.

    The days of HR struggling to keep up with employee paperwork are over. All-important employee records, such as hires, promotions, appraisals, permissions, and contract terminations, are tracked and updated automatically. Finally, this approach enhances HR operations while also allowing your staff to focus on more important tasks. The Adrenalin HR cloud is adaptable, and it works with a wide range of existing IT systems as well as low-cost ERP development. It also decreases HR and implementation expenses, as well as ownership expenditures. With this method, your business will be more aware of reduced payroll expenses and save time at work.

    Because the app incorporates a mobile-powered workforce, you may work from anywhere and on any smartphone. This software also allows all workers to get individualized HR feedback, which aids them in identifying and addressing problems that need immediate action. Find out what Adrenalin has to offer and how an employee management system can help your business.

    Time and attendance are two of the most important aspects of human resources management. This system would allow workers to plan their vacations, cover absences, and state their presence in real-time.

    An executive travel expense tracking system is also included with the Adrenalin HR cloud, which is used by corporations to keep track of employee travel expenses. This cloud-based multilingual software also allows you to access a variety of reports, applications, forms, papers, and other materials with a single click.

    Adrenalin Human Capital Management Solutions (HCM)

    Adrenaline HR payroll software is a complete package that combines several applications and services to assist you in working more efficiently and successfully. You may successfully administer your everyday operations with the aid of this technique.

    Adrenalin HR Cloud Software

    The Adrenalin cloud has a multitenant architecture and interoperability tools, and industry-standard connections to connect with other IT systems. The cloud’s high availability, flexibility, simplicity, and zero-maintenance feature are all enhanced by continuous replication. It enables data to be shared via web services as well.

    You may use the Adrenaline cloud to get access to all of your data from anywhere in the world and save money and time by combining real-time and batch modes. The main advantage of integration is that it allows a company to focus on its software rather than having to purchase hardware. With the new Cloud HR’s Data Protection feature, you can keep your data safe, get timely reports, figure out what’s wrong, and get a full, integrated information system.

    Features of an HRMS / HR Payroll Management System

    Core HR Management

    With Core HR, you have direct access to an easy-to-use interface that makes every aspect of personnel management easier than ever before. To the maximum extent feasible, replace human administrative activities such as employee data management, compensation and benefits administration, and payroll administration with automated systems.

    Employee Lifecycle Management

    Adrenalin is a marketing automation software that monitors all of your company's critical touch-points, from onboarding to promotion to offboarding.

    Talent Acquisition & Talent Development

    Candidates will be able to express their skills and qualifications over the video, which is entirely automated, making it easier to find and select new people.

    Workforce Administration

    Attendance and leave management are only part of the equation, but they also include claims and reimbursements, shifts and scheduling, and business travel expense administration.

    Performance Alignment

    This framework addresses everything from appraisal procedures to employee thoughts to company-wide goal compatibility.

    HR Payroll Management System

    You may automate HR process activities such as payroll HR solutions processes by integrating this web-based program with ERP's finance components.

    Reports & Dashboard

    This program, which is available in a number of languages, allows you to access a variety of reports, programs, forms, documents, and other organizational trends with ease.

    Social Connection

    Use social networking platforms that send out notifications and allow individuals to create personal profiles, walls, and activity streams to better interact with your team.


    A number of tools exist to help employees manage their time, which makes managing tasks easier—for example, task management and discussion forums aid in the accomplishment of objectives.

    What are the advantages of utilizing cloud-based HRMS/HR Payroll Software?

    Digital Transformation in a Single Product

    Adrenalin HR software is a one-stop-shop for all of your human resources requirements, allowing employees to be more productive. It also reduces costs and time spent on HR management improvements.

    Modular Deployment

    Adrenaline provides custom modules based on your company's unique HR needs.

    Depth of Functionality

    It features a user-friendly HCM platform that allows you to accomplish various daily activities with ease. Attendance, leave administration, travel management, shift scheduling, payroll enforcement, claims processing, and refunds are just a few of the complex processes that may be handled effectively.

    Knowledge Transfer & Support

    Adrenaline aids in the growth of a company's digital human resource capabilities while lowering costs and labor. Any type of firm may use it. This platform is excellent for both new and established businesses.

    Ease of Implementation

    Adrenaline's innovative approach ensures that HR processes and actions are done safely, securely, on time, and effectively through the program's autonomous mode.

    Multi Language Support

    You may use the multilingual mobile app more quickly and efficiently with one that supports both workers and decision-makers.

    MAC Architecture

    Its modular design allows it to be used on both hosts and premises.

    Global Payroll HR solutions

    Because it supports several languages and is adaptable enough to fit your country's HR and payroll laws, regardless of where you are, it may be used worldwide. This is owing to the fact that Adrenalin has been exported to 24 nations across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East & Africa.


    Do you wish to link Adrenalin with your current ERP, payroll management system, or accounting systems? Don't be concerned; when used together, they will function flawlessly.

    AI can also assist organizations by lowering the time and resources it takes to recruit a new employee. Recruiters may be replaced by AI recruiting tech, which may automate the process of hiring humans by classifying applicants according to their previous employment history.

    AI is expected to save money and time by reducing the amount of time and money spent on applicant procedures in the HR department. It’s also possible that using these skills will aid you in avoiding making a lot of incorrect hires.

    The HR suite of solutions in Saudi Arabia from Adrenalin provides a completely customized range of solutions for your organization’s human resource needs. It will ensure that all of your HR data is kept and protected in accordance with your expectations. As a result, it can improve the productivity of any company.

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