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Managed IT Services

Your ultimate managed IT service partner for all your business concerns

Hire us to store your IT-related problems and watch us transform them into an ironclad IT management plan that will use world-class technology to deliver the greatest value possible for your company. Finesse, Saudi Arabia's IT firm, is the ideal choice for managed IT services and support-related issues. The Finesse solution includes a full range of company procedures such as application delivery, management and support services, both online and offline repair services.

Our experience of working with over 300+ business clients across the world, including central banks, financial organizations, energy and commodity businesses, businesses, and government agencies, allows us to create wise solutions that are suited to your company's strategic requirements.

We provide IT support services to ensure that your IT-related needs are met promptly and effectively, with seamless integration into your in-house operations. In addition, our experts guarantee that you have an uninterrupted supply of services and support by creating a customized IT management plan for you to tackle and address all of your difficulties.


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    Managed IT services

    Both business and technology are closely linked, as you can’t properly address one without the other. IT services are now seen as key drivers of innovation. It’s critical to provide quality service at all times, whether you’re offering IT support to internal or external consumers. Users require technology to function effectively and gain quick access to important data and insights, regardless of where they are; when it is insecure, it generates dissatisfied consumers, less productive workers, low team member morale, and lost revenue.

    Finesse, with a staff of over 400+ specialists in the area, is backed by an advanced facility in Bangalore, India, and 10 other worldwide sites. These computing technology experts assist us in delivering unrivaled fast and high-quality IT services. We also have a best-in-class banking process excellence (BPE) and BPO operation in Saudi Arabia that delivers outstanding results.

    Our strength is not only in banking! We provide support for other components, including enterprise risk, treasury, loan origination, and lending systems, and trade finance systems.

    Let’s take a look at the Finesse model and how it works!

    We believe in two concepts: providing value without the hassle and gaining a thorough knowledge of your company’s operations. Unlike pure-play technology providers, this method begins where salespeople bring value to the table at the time of decision-making. However, we anticipated that pure-play technology skills would become increasingly popular or even a commodity product in the near future. It’s no surprise that Finesse was one of the first to embrace and exploit knowledge about financial services industries based on a customer’s experience and understanding of the financial services market. Finesse has gained a competitive advantage over its rivals and established itself as the favorite business by clients.

    With a strong desire to succeed, our proposal goes beyond the transaction advantages of outsourcing and focuses on delivering business impact. Clients may now concentrate on their core operations while Finesse handles all end-to-end managed IT services for their technology, non-core business processes, and support as well as maintenance services. Furthermore, our effective model is so dependable that clients have been able to significantly lower expenses and risks.

    Finesse offers enterprise solutions on a services-based model, with process outsourcing services as an add-on. The days of traditional deployment alone bringing rewards are long gone. Deployment methods that work effectively will be the future of business applications.

    Portfolio of Managed IT Services

    Server Management
    • Management & monitoring
    • Performance management
    • Capacity analysis & forecasting
    • Root cause analysis
    • Troubleshooting
    • O/S hardening & security management
    • Patch management
    Web Management
    • Web server availability monitoring and management
    • Performance management
    • Capacity analysis and forecasting
    • Traffic load management
    • Alert notification
    • Root cause analysis and troubleshooting
    Database Management
    • Database monitoring and management
    • Performance tuning
    • Updating patches
    • Availability status
    • Upgrades and migrations
    Network Management
    • Network monitoring and management
    • Root cause analysis
    • Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
    • Alert notifications
    Security Management
    • Web application security assessment
    • Internet security assessment
    • Network security assessment
    Backup, Storage Management
    • Storage monitoring and management
    • Backup monitoring and management
    • Performance monitoring and array management
    • Catalogue management
    • Storage LAN configuration and zoning
    Application Management
    • Production support, service delivery
    • Application due diligence, portfolio analysis
    • Engagement process, application knowledge transition, sign-off process
    Communication Management
    • Enterprise
    • Telephony
    • Contact centre
    • Unified messaging services
    • VoIP provisioning
    • Conferencing and collaboration
    • IP infrastructure management
    End-user Management
    • Centralised desktop services
    • Help desk services
    • Remote desktop control and support
    • Asset management
    • Desktop applications support
    • Application packaging and core building
    • Roll out services
    Desktop Service Management
    • Asset management
    • Remote desktop control and support
    • Software distribution
    • Client application environment support
    • Migration services
    • Vendor management


    • It’s cost-effective
    • Productivity skyrockets
    • Executives stay on schedule.
    • Data-driven decision making
    • Uses new and existing technologies to create innovative solutions
    • Optimization of time and resources
    • Company-wide collaboration is enhanced as a result of the process.

    DBA Services

    As technology changes, so do the data management and optimization problem. Businesses today rely on databases and applications, which they consider being essential components of their operations.

    Finesse has domain specialists that provide database (DBA) services to ensure the long-term sustainability of your database. We fine-tune your databases, improving performance and troubleshooting problems, in order to maximize the availability and optimization of mission-critical databases with our technical knowledge and 24*7*365 assistance. Our DBA services are custom-built to fit your unique needs and budget while still providing the appropriate levels of service.

    DBA Services include

    • Support for on-site, off-site, and offshore remote databases is available
    • Providing on-demand resources by adding new DBA personnel as needed
    • Dedicated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
    • Create the database and set up its configuration
    • Regular health checks
    • Tuning and diagnostics for optimum performance
    • Planning for disaster recovery and data backup
    • Security administration
    • Configuration and support for Oracle GoldenGate
    • Review of architectural design
    • Migration of database

    For more information on Managed IT Services in Saudi Arabia, contact us at info@finessedirect.com