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Privileged Identity & Access Management

Secure your IT infrastructure with the industry's most advanced identity and access management system

The term "Privileged Identities/Accounts" refers to any user or account with enhanced access permissions in an IT setting, such as system accounts, admin ids in each operating system, and database and application admin ids.


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    Privileged Identities & Access Management Solutions in the Saudi Arabia

    These privilege identities are special accounts outside the scope of normal user IDs, which are assigned security, administrative, and system authorities. A privileged account and password are very powerful, allowing a privileged user to log in without providing any identification or access to all of the system’s data. Vulnerabilities like this one might have a severe economic and reputation impact on businesses.

    As a result, your firm requires a Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution.

    Every user with a password has system-wide access to a high-level account. Some of the key advantages of using Privileged Identities are as follows:

    – Users will be able to access applications much faster.
    – One-touch to access many operating systems simultaneously.
    – When a user obtains administrative privileges, they are often cumulative, giving them access to all systems.

    The greatest vulnerability is that of established accounts being used with insufficiently protected passwords. The most successful approach to managing privileged identities is through Privileged Identity and access Management tools.

    Finesse allows you to handle your privileged users in minutes.

    Who are these regular privileged users who put your business at risk?

    • Core IT Infra outsourcing partners
    • System administrators
    • Database administrators
    • Network administrators
    • Application administrators
    • Cloud managers/administrators
    • Business applications’ power users
    • Temporary service providers
    Iraje PIM is the most sophisticated PIM on the market, offering cutting-edge capabilities. Iraje PIM has the following major components:
    • Enterprise Single Sign-On [SSO] suite
    • Enterprise password management suite
    • Video-on-demand suite
    • Security suite
    • Alert suite
    • Discovery suite
    • Automation suite
    • Dashboard suite
    • Executive reporting suite
    • BCP suite
    Iraje Privileged Identity & Access Management tools has several advantages for your organization. With a product that is used by major banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, pharmaceuticals, media & entertainment firms, and credit rating agencies, among other businesses, Iraje Privileged. Identity Management has a number of benefits. Iraje PIM has:
    • Excellent quality and proven technology.
    • Growing partner ecosystem.
    • The most sophisticated control and security systems.
    • In addition, we provide 24/7 customer support with a premium-level help desk.

    Use a single platform to protect and control all of your privileged identities and access management.

    Many businesses might have little or no monitoring to see who does what and which accounts are being utilized to run data center infrastructure.

    The Iraje Privileged Identity and access management system aims to streamline the administration of administrative accounts, which have been shown to be a security risk in the past.

    The Iraje PIM security solution addresses administrative credentials and passwords’ security, operational, and legal concerns, as well as broad administrative authority usage, poor personnel segregation of duties, legacy applications with embedded passwords, and non-existent privileged password rotation. It also assigns each employee personal responsibility and a record of actions to demonstrate that policies and controls are followed. Irae Privileged Identity Manager will give businesses a secure access management system as well.

    To discover more about our Privileged Identity & Access Management solutions and services in Saudi Arabia, send us an email at info@finessedirect.com