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Treasury/Cash Management System

Achieve profitable growth and enhance Financial Controls with Kyriba cash management

The corporate Treasury Management System (TMS) is globally revolutionary and is shifting the business landscape’s tectonics. #1 cloud-based treasury management solutions offer a powerful, strong and extensive financial suite! Kyriba’s TMS provides a high degree of convenience and instantly upgrades the procedure of cash flow access, inspection and prediction to the next level. Changing market demands and exceptional restrictions are posing challenges for treasurers all over the world. So, you have reliable tools of treasury management policies that are accurately documented. Perfect, but that is only half the battle won. Basic spreadsheets, manual processes and even software-based treasury systems are left behind. With this automated cloud, treasury solution sustains smooth business flow and gets work done at the snap of a finger while improving your working capital. It simplifies a business’s mission-important capabilities to handle finance, risk management, and working capital optimization.

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Kyriba’s tools of Treasury management

As one of the leading systems integrators in Saudi Arabia and across the GCC region, Finesse has collaborated with Kyriba cash management to produce a unified treasury management solution platform to actuate liquidity for your enterprise. Control cash and liquidity hand-in-hand along with payment and risk management in the safest and productive ways by underpinning your performance with the Kyriba Treasury Management System (TMS). Finesse persistently develops to stay at par with industry levels through this distinctive offering of an extensible, business-level financial suite. Kyriba, category-leading, safe financial management platform with revolutionary innovations in payments and risk management. Your organization can pave a new path for driving outstanding success, with an extensive global network aligned to Kyriba’s cash management and its commendable real-time decision support, which is the most suggested financial management solution by CFOs globally.

Why Choose Us

Kyriba is a leading digital, on-demand treasury management solution supplier in Saudi Arabia that provides strong, cost-effective, and simple-to-implement treasury management capabilities to businesses of all sizes. With the help of Kyriba, we provide cash flow transparency by expanding effective decision-making skills across a wide range of business activities and allocating policies to handle risks.
  • Hedging coverage to compute ROI – Leverage simplified hedge accounting for additional value creation
  • Reduce and keep track of IT investment and integration costs with Kyriba
  • Advanced maintenance of compliance with all latest statutory requirements.
  • Limited exposure to financial risks with advanced capability to attack cybercrime and fraud even before they happen.
  • User-friendly graphical alliance – Timely access to critical pre-defined reports, dashboards at the tap of a finger and readily-available data.
  • Enhance productivity across functions.
  • Upgrade Organization-wide liquidity optimization by effective management of cash, liquidity, payments and financial risk.
  • Merge all your transactions and multiple bank accounts into a single, standalone software. You can now process any volume of payments with zero delays along with your funding value chain. What’s better than this? No more wasteful bank fees!
  • Rely on Kyriba’s meaningful data for insights on cash forecasts.
  • Improve cash management processes and view your high/low cash positions.
  • Work capital optimization – Transform and rationalize operational processes.
A swiftly growing company needs to adapt to technology that is growing at a rapid pace. At Finesse, we have dedicated experts with philosophy and proactive advisory skills to deliver consultation to growing organizations and recommend solutions that guarantee path-breaking success. Finesse’s advanced state-of-the-art network management will improve your monitoring capabilities to identify errors and address them before morphing into problems.

Why is the Finesse treasury management solution the right choice for you?

Finesse’s treasury management tools offer a solution-oriented and agile approach enabling customizing the features and functions according to what you consider pivotal for your organization! Our professional architects and consultants ensure that the corporate tools of Treasury Management Systems are in harmony with the business operations.

Streamline your cash management procedure, risk management procedure, payments and supply chain finance with the most robust and safe cloud-based Kyriba Treasury Management System (TMS). We help businesses to evenly spread risk and elevate confidence in their treasury, by maximizing return on funds. And also manage report needs at the tap of a button.

For more details on Corporate Treasury Management Systems in Saudi Arabia and across the GCC region, get in touch with Finesse.Contact us today at info@finessedirect.com