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Remote Working Management Solutions

Finesse’s Work from Home Solutions - Your key to unlocking productive and professional work-from-home staff

With the onset of the global pandemic, enabling and transiting towards a remote workforce is seen as the number one priority for your organization. The most important step in empowering the remote workforce is selecting an agile solution and offering flexible tools. Finesse has a wide range of working from home solutions designed to help remote workers stay connected and be productive no matter where they are. We at Finesse enable you and your staff to collaborate, share and communicate using our user-friendly work-from-home solutions. In addition, our team has the know-how to implement your flexible work environment with zero interruption to your workflow.

Our remote management solutions for working from home are designed to cater to the needs of any organization, big or small. We find the best remote working solutions based on our client's requirements and create a custom framework that can be implemented with minimal effort. Our Work from home monitoring software helps facilitate collaboration between teams by providing real-time updates and notifications on work progress. With work from home monitoring software, businesses can ensure that work gets done on time and to the highest standards. Our personalized approach aims to cater to the specific business model of any organization and create an environment where people can work from home more productively with minimum supervision.


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    Simple, Seamless, and Secure range of Work from Home Solutions designed by Finesse helps remote workers be productive, stay connected & engaged.

    Attendance Reporting

    Work from home monitoring software helps streamline your online attendance by tracking the availability of your workforce. Keep close watch over your staff's attendance from the start of the day using state-of-the-art scheduling and time tracking tools.

    Group Messaging

    Stay in touch with your whole team, just the way you were used to at work. Use the group messaging features to send and receive messages.

    Online Video and Audio Conferencing

    With our world-class video and audio conferencing solution, you can ensure that stay-at-home orders will not foil your meeting and brainstorming sessions with the team.

    Remote Support

    Highly reliable remote support is available at all times. So whether you're an IT manager worried about your staff's productivity or a team member whose system crashed at the most inconvenient time, we have got a solution for you.

    Online 365 / M365 / Cloud CRM

    Access your CRM, cloud, and Microsoft solutions while you work in the comfort of your home. Get the best CRM on cloud technology to manage your sales and customer relationship management activities.


    We take data security and safeguarding very seriously!

    Document Sharing

    Share documents with your team in the most efficient manner. Our web-based document sharing and management solutions will help you hit your work targets effortlessly.

    Cloud Setup / Migration

    Working from home is not going to stall your cloud setups and migrations. We have a team of experts who can ensure that your cloud setup and migration are done fast.

    Cloud Telephony

    Let your organization embrace the new normal as cloud telephony powers your remote work. We have a wide range of tools and solutions to help you optimize every stage of the telephony process.

    How Finesse remote management solutions can help your business?

    At Finesse, we work with you to create a business roadmap for smarter working and support your entire workforce to become more productive by keeping them connected, wherever they are. Thus, making your business more productive starts with helping your people deliver more.

    Giving employees access to the information they need, when and where they need it, goes a long way. It helps cut costs, improves work/life balance, and makes your people happier and motivated to get more done. In addition, a truly remote workforce, where people can work together from any location, builds a successful team.

    Finesse is a name you can trust. We empower people to reach their personal and professional goals by providing customized remote working solutions built with ease of use, security, and scalability in mind. In addition, our management solutions for working from home are built to support your business goals, provide custom features and functionality to the extent you require.

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