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Software Digital Security

Make cyber safety your firm’s top priority with mobile digital identity, authentication, and authorization.

Mobile digital identity, authentication, and authorization. Digital Identity is and will always be the main key factor when it comes to initiating a relationship between individuals. In this increasingly digitized world it is extremely important to maintain digital identity security as digital transformation introduces new risks and challenges.

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Virtual Secure Element

With the onset of digital technology, businesses overall are bombarded with fresh challenges and risks. Cyber-attacks are and have always been a significant threat to businesses. Minimizing the spread of infections has just turned over a new leaf with Virtual Secure Element (V-OS), the world’s first and only true patented virtual secure element. Building on V-Key’s core patented cryptographic technology a highly secure framework is developed that integrates with mobile apps to secure them against advanced and persistent threats, as well as Trojans and rootkits.

Why Choose Us

Finesse is one of the UAE’s top Cybersecurity companies.

At Finesse, we possess the technical expertise to take care of your needs and formulate a foolproof cyber security plan that tailors to the unique nature and conditions of your organization.

  • Multi-layered Security
Binary code morphing, anti-reverse engineering, Trojan detection mechanisms and tamper response mechanisms are only a fraction of the feature set this system owns. The multiple layers in the network enable deep defense and extra guard against all possible types of cyber exploits and threats.
  • Application Controls
V-OS limits users on how, when, and where they use your applications, including geo-fencing or enforcing time limits. This also helps you in collecting real-time data about your target audience which can be used to enhance your marketing efforts.
  • Threat Response
V-OS takes you through the steps that apps should take to sense, repel and react to cyber security threats.
  • Android and iOS Support
V-OS is known for small foot-print on mobile platforms.
  • Robust and secure app protection such as the anti-fraud and anti-malware solutions that ensure integrity of crypto processing.
  • A host of policy controls that bolsters your company’s defense mechanisms.
  • V-OS adds trusted TLS / SSL servers for data-in-transit protection. Integrate them swiftly and easily into your mobile applications and leverage their personalization capabilities for responding to threats.
  • Real-time information on existing and potential app threats detected by mobile applications.
  • V-OS takes threat intelligence and forensics a notch higher with meaningful analytical insights on the source, nature and location of attack vectors.
  • Issues individualized V-OS cryptographic modules for identity and multi-factor authentication.
Finesse being one of the top cybersecurity companies in Dubai, has deep industry knowledge and expertise in the area of providing cyber security solutions to combat even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks. Finesse partners with V-Key to handhold you into a world of digital identity security through our rich portfolio of cyber security solutions. In the context of advanced data security landscapes, it is imperative for firms to delve into threat intelligence.

Stronger with V-OS

Protection with Threat Intelligence
Finesse delivers highly intelligent cyber security solutions that have the capability to shield your sensitive data. V-OS secures sensitive processing and data while ensuring app integrity upon deployment. It prioritizes safeguarding user privacy even if the device is lost or compromised. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the checks it performs:
  • Device integrity checks for malware
  • File system integrity checks to detect backdoors and rootkits
  • App integrity checks against tampering
  • Network integrity checks against MITM attacks on Data-in-Transit
We offer a proactive platform that has secure cryptographic functions for Data-at-Rest and Data-in-Use as well as a secure Anti-Fraud Keyboard.
Threat Intelligence Security Management
The whole world may have slowed down during the pandemic scenario, but cyber-attacks haven’t. In fact, it may be looming more than earlier. Receive highly accurate and real-time threat intelligence data against the most sophisticated threats, manage incident response and protect your organization’s sensitive data. Designed as the mobile threat command and control system, enterprises can configure security policies to put together a cohesive attack strategy before any damage is caused. In a nutshell, Finesse’s threat intelligent systems will:
  • Collect real-time app threats and block malicious traffic
  • Prevent data breach
  • Reduce risks through OTA policy updates.
  • Give you an offering of extensive and easy-to-use RESTful web services.
  • Enable easy integration with MDMS, SIEMs and a host of threat analytical engines for seamless management across platforms.

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