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Unleash the Power of BI & Analytics with Finesse

According to a research, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generates every single day, and it will only grow from there. By 2020, the count is expected to increase by 1.7MB of data, every second for every person on the earth.

In such an environment, Data Analytics and Information Management plays a very important role in keeping organizations at the forefront of their competitive edge. Organizations need actionable insights to keep up with the pace of change to stay ahead of competition and stay relevant.

The technology required to aid such decision-making need not only match the state-of-the-art infrastructure but should also be simple and intuitive enough to enable democratization for flow of insights across the organization. BI & Analytics platform is not just a Business Intelligence tool rather it should provide for advanced analytics.

A successful organization-wide data analytics rollout however, also requires a trusted and experienced partner. Finesse, a leading systems integrator in the region, with its team of consultants, has helped various organizations across multiple industries to unleash the hidden power in their data. Finesse is very proud of its Data Analytics team that has proven their expertise to undertake complex data requirements and turning them into solutions that help business users take profitable decisions.

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Finesse and Qlik to showcased Self-Service Data Visualization & Business Discovery Tools at Cards & Payment Middle East

Finesse, considered the most trusted Systems Integrator in the region and Qlik, a leader in visual analytics, jointly participates at the Cards & Payments 2016 event “See the Whole Story” on 31st May 2016 – 1st June 2016 at DWTC, Dubai.

Finesse together with leading Business Intelligence Solution provider Qlik showcases how Qlik’s associative models allows users to find all possible innovations that exists in their data. Delegates will get to know all about the latest product features including the QlikSense Enterprise 3.0 – the newest version of Qlik’s visualization platform, Qlik Sense Cloud for free application sharing and Qlik Data Market for data-as-a-services via the cloud.

Finesse has been one of the leading partners of Qlik in the region for the past three and half years. The successful partnership has spearheaded many pivotal projects in the region. Finesse works with around 70% of the banks in the region and is uniquely positioned as the Numero Uno BFSI system integrator in the region.

Experts from Finesse will walk the visitors through sessions where they could experience the various features and capabilities of Qlik’s visual analytics platform approach. Delegates, under the step-by-step guidance from the Finesse team, can ‘visualize’ how the platform enables centrally deployed analytics, self-service data discovery and embedded analytics in any enterprise or web application.

Business Intelligence is for everyone and it is tapping all the verticals equally. And being a system integrator, Finesse has seen the rise of business intelligence in the region. Eljo says, “If we study this region, Business Intelligence picked on from telecom and banking sector where there was huge data accumulation. It then moved on to the retail sector. Today we can see the public sector and healthcare sector as the latest adopters of the Business intelligence. With the growing landscape of Big Data and social media, the need for data analytics have soared…. Hence BI will gain more momentum now.”

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