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August 1, 2018

Lama Sheikh

Lama Sheikh (Chief Administrative Officer)

Lama Sheikh heads the Finance and Administration at Finesse since its inception in 2010. She also takes care of HR functionalities and heads the PRO office. In her role she takes care of the corporate finance management, accountancy matters, audits and compliances, company policies, insurance and ensuring that all regulatory requirements of all statutory bodies are met. She also leads a team in PRO activities, administration as well as Human Resources responsibilities at Finesse.

Before starting with Finesse, Lama was with the Ministry of Finance in Syria for 9 years and then with IMTAC and Bahwan CyberTek as a Business Support coordinator for over 5 years put together. With a total experience of 20 years, Lama has an in-depth experience in handling the Finance Departments and Administration of enterprises.

Recognized as the glue holding together various departments with core administrative and financial as well as several day to day activities, Lama is also the first and constant point of contact for all staff at Finesse.

Lama holds a graduate degree in Administration and Finance from the College of Commerce in Syria. Besides playing her important role, she is a family person and loves to travel, and is quite adept at maintaining a perfect life-work balance.

The last years have seen Lama handle beautifully the financial and statutory requirements that accompany the rapid growth of Finesse. She had made sure that all regulatory activities, compliances and requirements are met timely and plan for any new acquisition. She and her team handholds new recruits in their onboarding process and making their transitions smooth while adhering to all statutory requirements. Work flows smoothly under her able administrative guidance at Finesse, quietly but surely.

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