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Customer Relationship Management

The Right CRM Solutions for a Superior Customer Experience

Finesse, a Qlik partner, is one leading integrator of software solutions in the United States and globally. We enable our clients to seamlessly embrace digital transformation by adopting AI-based customer relationship management solutions. Over the years, the notion of CRM has expanded, and today, a CRM platform should be customizable and also be able to accept multiple third-party applications.

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Salesforce CRM – The Best CRM Software

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based CRM solution that is versatile and flexible enough to meet the needs of organizations. It provides the right solutions to meet all customer requirements. Besides being able to generate a wide range of reports, it has a visual dashboard that makes it easy for supervisors and reporting managers to keep track of what is going on in the marketing, sales, and support departments. It provides real-time updates of current projects as well as campaigns. In addition, It enables managers to pre-set criteria that let them intervene in a project or campaign should the need arise. This CRM solution is designed to meet the needs of clients and in doing so, it exceeds their expectations.

Our Salesforce Portfolio


This CRM software by Salesforce is designed for B2B business and it automates marketing. Sales professionals can generate leads by automating lead generation activities and lead interaction and engagement. It empowers the sales team and lets it find new leads and convert existing leads into paying customers, thereby ensuring optimal return on investment.

Marketing Cloud

This is a cloud-based marketing platform to personalize a customer’s experience. Not only can the sales team manage a customer’s movement through the sales funnel but it can personalize emails, social media interaction, content, and advertising. In addition, It aids in data analysis to understand the customers’ behavioural patterns so that each interaction is personalized.


Today, data is the new gold and Krux enables marketers to capture and analyze customer data from a variety of sources. The data is stored in a single location, and marketers can access it anytime to create bespoke content for more efficient and result-oriented digital advertising. Thus, It aims to boost marketing endeavours and enhance customer experience through carefully curated advertising.

Commerce Cloud

This Salesforce CRM solution brings together digital commerce, PoS, and management of orders to provide customers with a unique shopping experience. It collates everything from different digital channels, right from shopping to ordering fulfilment and customer service. Powered by predictive intelligence, enables marketers to create a personalized buying journey while making the back-end more organized and efficient. This CRM solution makes a customer experience one-of-a-kind and enables the marketing department to specifically cater to their needs.

Service Cloud

This CRM software by Salesforce helps centralize all sales processes and that makes it easy to track each process. The software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, allows the sales team to find not only new customers but also close existing deals quicker. In addition, It collates customer data from sales, marketing, and service to create a central repository of data for each customer.

Sales Cloud

This CRM software by Salesforce helps centralize all sales processes and that makes it easy to track each process. The software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, allows the sales team to find not only new customers but also close existing deals quicker. It collates customer data from sales, marketing, and service to create a central repository of data for each customer.

Salesforce IQ

This sales app helps to grow business by using smart intelligence. It helps to build lasting relationships not just with existing customers but also with new ones. The sales team can glean insights through data analysis and that, in turn, helps provide customized service to customers across the board.

Salesforce Inbox

You can integrate Salesforce into your email’s inbox and enjoy access to superior CRM. It brings CRM, email, and calendar onto a single platform so that the sales team can focus on selling rather than managing communications. As a result, It improves sales and productivity while ensuring superior management of customer relationships.

Sales Cloud Einstein

This intelligent CRM by Salesforce can analyze and compare data to understand why deals were won and what caused other deals to go bust. Based on the analysis, it identifies top leads, enabling the sales team to close deals. This AI-driven platform automates data entry and uses predictive analysis for accurate results.

Salesforce CPQ

This CRM solution helps the sales team to provide quick and prompt quotes, proposals, and contracts. It also automates billing and subscriptions. At the end of each billing cycle, the software sends out invoices and makes cash collection easier. It allows the sales team to follow up on quotes and keep a close eye on revenue generation. Being one of the best CRM software in the US and across the world, it can create reports to follow up with existing and potential customers, Making it easy for any Salesforce Consultants to meet any of your Salesforce applications.

Financial Services Cloud

This CRM by Salesforce is designed for organizations that offer financial services. It enables you to provide guidance and advice to clients to help them accomplish their financial goals. The information can be delivered to any device or channel, allowing the organization to provide proactive and customized financial solutions.

Health Cloud

Designed for healthcare facilities, this CRM by Salesforce streamlines patient care and provides a 360-degree view of each patient. As a result, care teams are better equipped to cater to the needs of patients and seamlessly communicate with them. This, in turn, strengthens customer relations and cultivates long-lasting relationships. In addition, It helps a healthcare facility provide a superior experience, right from selling a treatment package to providing the right clinical support to patients.

Field Service Lightning

Organizations with a mobile and on-the-field workforce can now manage the workforce more effectively with Field Service Lightning. This CRM connects the mobile workforce with the organization’s support centre, thereby enabling better management and accountability. It helps make the mobile workforce more productive.


This customer support app is designed keeping in mind the needs of small businesses. It enables small businesses to provide prompt customer support across any channel to build better customer relationships. This is one of the best CRM software in the US and across the globe that can help foster customer loyalty by ensuring a better understanding of the customers’ requirements and stepping up to them.


This CRM solution integrates chat, checklists, documents, and spreadsheets with existing CRM data. As a result, the data is collated in one place so that employees have quick access to it to make prompt and data-driven decisions. This boosts productivity and efficiency, and empowers employees, and makes them accountable.

Community Cloud

Community Cloud enables an organization to bring stakeholders onto a common platform so that they can get access to apps, information, and experts when the need arises. It fosters online collaboration between customers, employees, and partners so that they can benefit from a self-service environment. It engages all stakeholders, helps enhance customer service, improves partner sales, and empowers employees.

Wave Analytics

Wave Analytics allows organizations to centralize data from different sources for superior and prompt business analytics and intelligence. The dashboards are easy to build and the analysis of data occurs in a single place. It is a cloud-based tool that helps the organization create customized reports based on accurate data analysis.

App Cloud

Designed for developers, App Cloud enables quick and seamless development of applications that organizations want to run on the Salesforce platform. It makes app creation easy and also lets the tech team manage internal and external applications without a problem.

Using Cloud-based CRM Solution for Superior Customer Engagement

  • Small business owners enjoy complete control and access to CRM solutions that are available as a package. The package can be scaled as the business grows without needing to look for another CRM solution.
  • The comprehensive reporting and visual dashboards allow decision-makers to find out how marketing, sales, and support are performing and what they are doing on a day-to-day basis. Managers can pre-establish intervention criteria so that they can intercede in a project at any given time to improve its outcome.
  • As a Salesforce partner in the US and across the world, Finesse provides access to a powerful and result-oriented CRM solution that allows an organization to use a single platform to analyze and manage just about everything, including customer activities and channel marketing.
  • ERP integration facilitates the smooth flow of data as a part of everyday operations. As a result, organizations are better equipped to handle customers, improve customer service and provide quick and easy access to data used by the finance or sales team. ERP integration enables sales, customer service, and finance to make prudent and quick decisions based on the data and reports that are easily available. Since data entry and management are automated, it ensures data accuracy, and that, in turn, aids faster and more informed decision-making.
  • Organizations have access to an omnichannel CRM solution that allows organizations to handle every aspect of the sales funnel. Right from managing customer experience to customer relationship management, the Salesforce CRM solution can be customized to meet the needs of the organization. This boosts customer engagement and satisfaction and drives customer loyalty.

Why Choose Finesse as Your CRM Solution Provider?

Finesse has the distinction of being one of the best CRM software solution providers in the United States and globally. It aids business transformation by bringing customized CRM solutions to meet the needs of the organization. The company is ably supported by a team of developers, admins, and solution architects, who work to understand the needs of the organization’s needs and provide a solution that maximizes ROI.

Finesse has been instrumental in helping more than 300 enterprise clients across the globe embrace digital transformation through bespoke services.

Our CRM software is designed to make the job of your Salesforce consultants quicker and easier.

Services Provided

CRM Client Management Services
As a leading Salesforce partner in the US and across the world, Finesse provides organizations with cloud-based CRM solutions that provide a comprehensive view of customers, bring mobile, social, and analytics onto a single platform, and enables data-driven reports to improve productivity, accountability, and customer satisfaction service. The CRM Client Management Services enable organizations to increase revenue generation through prompt customer service, proper partner management, and careful analysis of customer behaviour and trends.
Salesforce Service Management
Organizations can benefit by providing superior customer experience through a wide range of support services, including live support, community support, knowledge centers, and app support. Organizations can also be a force to reckon with on social media by engaging existing and prospective customers as well as employees and partners. Finesse works to create a robust and proactive ecosystem that connects stakeholders while reducing turnaround time and improving sales. As a result, organizations can leave behind the competition and create an enviable revenue cycle.

To find out more about the best CRM software solutions provided by Finesse in the US, get in touch with us today at info@finessedirect.com We would be happy to provide more details and know how these CRM solutions can transform your business into a digitally connected world.

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