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DBA Services

An Experienced Pool of Certified DBA experts and Specialists to secure your most valuable asset

Data is and will always be the most valuable asset and the differentiating factor of your organization. It is data that defines your core competencies and gives you an edge over your competitors. Finesse, the leading DBA support and solutions provider, offers expertise in database management services for your mission-critical environment. We provide you with a host of DBA services to upgrade your internal support capacity using world-class dba support and robust foundations. Our flexible and value-based support model is explicitly orchestrated to tailor to every client’s requirements. In addition, our in-depth understanding of database management has enabled us to successfully serve over 350+ enterprise clients around the globe, including central banks, financial institutions, energy and commodity firms, corporations, and government entities.

Our DBA support & solutions focus on excellence have enabled us to deliver a cohesive range of integrated dba services supported by world-class expertise and deep domain knowledge. As a result, we offer you DBA support & affordable solutions and deliver high performance. Our goal is simple – to help your business achieve maximum value from its information systems and ensure business continuity.


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    Finesse ensures the complete and long-term health and provides dba services that help you manage your systems efficiently by being your support round-the-clock and all year-round. We pro-actively assess and fine-tune your databases to improve their performances, diagnose everyday problems and ensure the high availability of your mission-critical databases. We offer remote DBA services designed to meet your requirements most affordably while giving you an array of flexible service offerings and exuberant, certified expertise.

    As DBA experts, we focus on database availability and performance rather than just storage and backup services. Our remote DBA expert team performs regular database reviews to ensure the best practices are in place and are followed.

    Our DBA Services Include

    • Flexible on-site/off-site/off-shore remote DBA services and support: We customize our support to meet your varying needs
    • On-demand resource provision by providing additional DBA resources as and when required
    • Dedicated 24×7, 365 days a year
    • Database setup and configuration: Our professional team ensures the timely installation and configuration according to your specific expectations
    • Proactive health checks: Monitoring the systems periodically to detect issues and performing troubleshooting to prevent such issues from occurring
    • Security administration: Assessment of systems and implementation of best security practices in the industry
    • Performance tuning and diagnostics: Recommendations for maximum performance and critical alerts to notify of possible pitfalls.
    • Database backup and disaster recovery strategy planning
    • High availability planning and implementation
    • Oracle GoldenGate configuration and support
    • Architecture review
    • Database migration

    Finesse also provides remote DBA services. A remote DBA expert is a specialist that offers remote database administration services remotely, allowing them to assist with any database needs you may have without being physically present. Many businesses in Dubai trust remote DBA experts to help them maintain and manage their databases, as these services are often more cost-effective than having a dedicated in-house team. Remote DBA services can include database set-up, performance tuning and optimization, backup and recovery, patching, and more.

    For more details on DBA services and remote DBA services in USA, contact us today at info@finessedirect.com