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HR & Staffing Services

Reduce your financial and personnel costs by outsourcing your IT and HR services.

We provide a comprehensive range of Human Resources services in the United States, including recruitment, temp staffing, shared services, payroll administration, HR data management, and HR automation. As we are leading HR outsourcing service providers in the US, we understand your needs and speak your language so that we can provide you with the ideal people and solutions based on your business requirements.


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    The following services are included in our HR outsourcing solutions portfolio:

    Talent Acquisition
    Finding and employing top talent to fulfill your managerial requirements is known as recruiting. In the United States, Human Resources is in charge of finding, evaluating, acquiring, and hiring people for job vacancies within a company. Talent acquisition starts with the following foundations:
    • Employer branding.
    • Long-term human resource planning.
    • Diversifying a company’s workforce.
    • Building an effective applicant pipeline.
    We have the ability to manage any challenge you may throw at us, from researching methods to upcoming evaluations. We are familiar with work rehearsals and corporate contracting processes, as well as constant and enlisting regulations. While IT recruiters focus on filling vacant positions, talent acquisition consultants use a method of recognizing authorities, pioneers, and future administrators for your business. Talent acquisition teams take into account long-term HR management rather than daily job requests.
    Temporary Staffing
    Temporary staffing solutions allow you to increase the quality of your workforce while reducing dependency and keeping projects moving forward. We are one of the most prominent employee leasing HR outsourcing service providers in the United States, providing a complete service at an affordable price to businesses that may not have the resources or motivation to manage such time-consuming tasks on their own. When you hire us as your short-term staffing outsourcing provider, we’ll act as if we were your company’s own HR department, dealing with concerns and monotony that you would otherwise have to deal with.
    Shared Services
    Shared services are the combination of business activities that many elements of a particular association use. Shared services are cost-effective because they eliminate redundancy and combine back-office operations utilized by multiple divisions of a similar company. On the basis that they unify back-office duties used by numerous divisions of a comparable organization, some businesses utilize a chargeback framework to bill divisions who use the administration for each usage, per quarter, or yearly basis. Other firms absorb the cost of shared services into their continuing operational expenses. Today, the majority of businesses utilize a shared services model in finance, human resources solutions, and information technology.
    HR Outsourcing solutions has been a popular IT employment and management solution over the last decade. It’s the act of handing certain responsibilities outside an organization rather than dealing with them internally. More and more businesses, big and small, are turning to outsource suppliers to decrease overhead costs while increasing revenues.
    Payroll Management
    Our team of experts handles your financial consistency requirements, such as the Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), and so on. Our operational specialists are also industry experts who understand the complexities of the whole and last settlement process. We handle everything from calculating paydays to combining net payable/recoverable totals, last assessment procedures, diary vouchers, and so on.
    HR Data Management
    HR data management is software that aids you in keeping, protecting, managing, and tracking data and information from all of your employees. As a result, it’s only natural for this program to include the most cutting-edge approaches for tracking personnel information across your organization.
    HR Help Desk
    Over the next several years, as human resource solutions, problems continue to adapt, you’ll need software that allows you to make a genuine difference. An HR help desk is a crucial source of information that enables employees to get all the information they need answers to, whether email, phone, or live chat. Our HR help desk software combines all HR support requests into a single easy-to-navigate interface, whether they’re sent via email, phone, or live chat.
    Training and Performance Management
    Employees who are unengaged and underperforming are a perplexing and costly issue for any business. In any case, CEOs must ensure that staff are given adequate encouragement and support to complete their assigned tasks.As a preeminent HR outsourcing service provider, we can assist you with enhancing employee productivity through tailored training programs.
    HR Automation
    Automation in human resources technology refers to the use of software and robots to free staff from routine activities to focus on more complex ones such as decision-making and planning. As a result, organizations can save money and time by automating common and regular HR operations.

    You can outsource your HR services to finesse, and our professionals will handle them so you can concentrate on other crucial revenue-generating tasks.

    For more information on IT recruiter / HR and staffing outsourcing solutions in the United States, please contact us at info@finessedirect.com