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Plasma Ion Money Sterilizer

World's First Bill Sterilizer Machine: The Plasma Money Steriliser

Money is one of the most essential things in our lives. But how clean are your notes? Unfortunately, the answer is: probably not very clean.
We all know that money has the potential to be a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, germs, and other infections at any time, no matter what the situation. A recent increase in money transmission has prompted a worldwide interest in money sterilization.


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    Plasma Disinfection and Sterilization Machine

    To solve this, we provide a “Plasma Money Sterilizer” that sterilizes and disinfects money (bills, coins) while transporting germs or bacteria. It’s suitable for use in banks, post offices, big retail stores, markets, and other cash transaction areas.

    Why Choose Us

    • For fast sanitization, use the plasma ion cluster.
    • It is non-toxic to humans.
    • It cleans up dust, scents, and potentially dangerous substances.
    • Make sure that currency notes, coins, and cheques have been sterilized.
    • Sterilisation upon counting currency (20 sec- 98% / 30 sec – 99.9% sterilisation).
    The following is a list of the operational functions’ capabilities:
    • Banks/currency exchanges/financial institutions – Employees in the banking and finance industry who handle money.
    • Hospitals – Protection against currency contamination.
    • Retail/supermarket/department store – Cashiers or other employees who handle money.
    It’s essential to consider scaling technology while a company is growing rapidly. Finesse has experts on staff that can assist developing firms with solutions based on their expertise. In addition, we may detect issues and address them before they become problems, thanks to our cutting-edge network monitoring and management systems.

    Product features of Plasma Money Steriliser Machine

    • The plasma ion cluster sterilizes the bills as they are being counted
    • Fine dust (PM 2.5) has been removed using an applied HEPA filter on the bills
    • Slot with a tilted angle, ergonomic design
    • Design with high efficiency in mind
    • When you put bills into the machine, it automatically detects them
    • Sterilisation upon counting bills e.g. 20 sec – 98% / 30 sec. – 99.9%
    • Semi-permanent high-efficiency money steriliser
    • UTP and POWER line communication built in
    • Timer setting for automatic sterilisation
    • Release more than ten million ions of plasma
    • The world’s first money sterilizer
    • Plasma ion cluster – releases 10 million ion clusters
    • Low operating expenses

    Quick Sterilisation using Plasma ion Cluster

    The “Plasma Money Sterilizer” is the world’s first opened bill sterilizer, which cleans fine bacterial dust (PM 2.5) and kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds by using our plasma ion cluster for disinfection & sterilization in the air rather than traditional UV rays or germicides.

    Sterilisation upon counting Money (Bills)

    We are a market leader in money sterilization, with many successful designs and patent applications having been implemented. We will do everything we can to ensure that currency is hygienic for people worldwide so they may live better lives.

    Dedusting Deodorising Decontaminating

    Paper money may harbor hundreds of germs from every environment it comes into contact with, whether it’s through someone’s fingers or beneath a mattress. Money is both clean and secure thanks to the Plasma Money Steriliser.

    For more details on Plasma Money Sterilizer and Disinfectant Machine in the US, contact us today at info@finessedirect.com