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Privileged Identity & Access Management

Reduce risk and improve security with Privileged Identities & Access Management solutions

The phrase "Privileged Identities/Accounts" refers to any user or account with special access permissions in an IT environment, such as system accounts, admin ids in each operating system, and database and application admin ids.


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    Privileged Identities & Access Management Solutions

    Accounts with these privileges are not the same as regular user IDs, which are assigned security, administrative, and system authorities. A privileged account and password are extremely powerful, so a privileged access management system allows a privileged user to log in without providing any identification or access to all of the system’s data. The vulnerabilities like this one may have a significant economic and reputational impact on organizations. A Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution is what your company needs.

    Everyone with a password has system-wide access to a privileged account. Some of the major benefits of using Privileged Identities are:
    • Faster access to applications.
    • Access to multiple operating systems via a single interaction.
    • Privileges assigned are often cumulative, giving the user administrative rights in all systems.

    The most common security risk is that of privileged accounts being used with weak passwords. The most effective way to manage privileged identities is through Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution.

    Finesse Helps you Manage your Privileged Users in Minutes.

    Who are these typical privileged users who put your company at risk?
    • Core IT Infra outsourcing partners
    • System administrators
    • Database administrators
    • Network administrators
    • Application administrators
    • Cloud managers/administrators
    • Business applications’ power users
    • Temporary service providers
    Iraje privileged identity management solutions is the most sophisticated PIM with cutting-edge capabilities. The following are the major components of Iraje PIM:
    • Enterprise Single Sign-On [SSO] suite
    • Enterprise password management suite
    • Video-on-demand suite
    • Security suite
    • Alert suite
    • Discovery suite
    • Automation suite
    • Dashboard suite
    • Executive reporting suite
    • BCP suite
    There are several benefits to using Iraje Privileged Identity Management solutions for your company. With a product that’s utilized by big banks, insurance firms, mutual funds, pharmaceuticals, media & entertainment businesses, and credit rating agencies, among others, there’s more than one reason to select Iraje Privileged Identity Management. Iraje PIM has: Iraje PIM has:
    • Excellent quality and proven technology.
    • Growing partner ecosystem.
    • The most sophisticated control and security systems.
    • In addition, we provide 24/7 customer support with a premium-level help desk.

    Take Control of Your Privileged Identities and Access Management with Finesse

    In many organizations, there is no or little monitoring going on to see who does what and which accounts are being utilized to manage data center infrastructure.

    The Iraje Privileged Identity Manager (PIM) is a tool that sets out to automate the management of administrative accounts, which typically grants too much power in the wrong hands with little accountability.

    Iraje PIM security solution addresses administrative accounts and passwords’ security, operational, and legal concerns, broad administrative authority usage, poor personnel segregation of duties, legacy applications with embedded passwords, and non-existent privileged password rotation. It also gives each employee personal responsibility and a log of actions to show that policies and controls are being followed. Iraje privileged account management software will also provide organizations with a secure access management system.

    Iraje PIM Security Solution’s Key Features

    Identity & Access Governance

    AD integration and Single Sign-On provide access control management and identity governance for on-premises and cloud applications. User access reviews, least privilege, separation of duties, and emergency access are also available.

    Comprehensive Password Management

    Manage the passwords for all business assets, such as servers, databases, network devices, firewalls, apps, thin clients, security appliances, and storage devices.

    Prevent Internal Fraud

    Simplified Audit & Compliance

    The single truth of all accesses and behaviors carried out by administrators for audit and compliance is the ideal method to comply with regulations.

    Secure Cloud Environment

    You have access to cloud-based consoles for efficient monitoring of administrative activities.

    Secure Applications

    Every privileged user session is recorded and logged, ensuring accountability and preventing fraud.

    Complete Visibility and Control on Datacentre Environment

    All admin access to the data center environment and control and visibility is designed to safeguard company data.

    Improve the Effectiveness of Managing Vendor Accesses

    Role-based access to corporate infrastructure empowers you to manage and control all vendor/external accesses to the data center environment more successfully and transparently.

    The Iraje privileged account management software increases organizations’ overall governance, risk, and compliance by addressing all security gaps in real-time. The product monitors privileged users and enforces immediate revocation in case of suspicious activity through a multi-layer security system.

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