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Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Finesse SOC for 24/7 Monitoring & Control of Events & Alerts

Finesse, the market leader of digital transformation and cybersecurity in the region, has launched a fully functional state-of-the-art Security Operation Centre (SOC) in the UAE. With the launch of this centre, Finesse continues to invest substantially in the cybersecurity space. The newly opened SOC will enable organizations in the region improve their security posture significantly, by proactively detecting, analysing and responding to cyberthreats to their digital

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As per PWC, 42% of CEOs ranked cyber and data privacy second among 11 areas of impact and value, as companies look to raise their digital ambitions. And with good reason. Digital transformation initiatives bring immense value to organizations, but also brings in a proportionate amount of risk. The biggest risk of them all, is the risk of intrusion and attack on digital infrastructure by cybercriminals.

Cyberattacks have been at an all-time high in the UAE. A Kaspersky report indicates that there has been an 190% increase of cyberattacks in the UAE, since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. Cyberattacks cause not just financial distress to customers and the business, but they also erode customer confidence, and has reputational, legal, financial & regulatory consequences for the business.

Companies need to be prepared at all times to stop cyberattacks on their digital infrastructure Given it is not possible to totally stop cyberattacks, companies need to have technology and processes in place to predict the chances and identify incase these attacks happen, reduce the impact of the cyberattack and bring back stable operations, once the incident is neutralised. These activities are handled in a single location, often referred to as the Security Operations Centre (SOC).

With the vision of reducing cyberattacks on businesses in the UAE, Finesse has opened its round the clock Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Dubai. The state-of-the-art SOC is built keeping the region’s business clients in mind, and providing them with a cost-effective solution to safeguard their digital infrastructure from cyberattacks.

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC services)?

A security operations centre (SOC) includes the people, processes and technologies responsible for monitoring, analysing and maintaining an organization’s information security. The SOC acts as the corporation's intelligence hub, capturing data in real time from the company's networks, servers, endpoints, and other digital assets and using intelligent automation to identify, prioritize, and respond to potential cybersecurity threats.

Previously, the SOC was believed to be a heavyweight infrastructure that could only be afforded by very large or security-conscious companies. With the advent of new collaboration tools and security technology, many enterprises are establishing virtual security operations centers (SOCs) that do not require a dedicated facility and can be staffed by part-time security, operations, and development personnel. Many organisations are establishing managed security operations centers (SOCs) or hybrid SOCs, which combine in-house resources with tools and expertise from Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

What Does a Security Operations Center Do?

Small, five-person operations to large, national coordination centers are all illustrations of SOCs. The following are typical elements of a mission statement for a midsize SOC:

    1. Cybersecurity incident prevention through proactive measures:

  • Continuous threat analysis
  • Network and host vulnerability scanning
  • Coordination of countermeasure deployment
  • Security policy and architecture consulting
2. Monitoring, detection, and analysis of potential intrusions in real time and through historical trending on security-relevant data sources

3. Response to confirmed incidents in a timely manner by coordinating resources and directing use of appropriate countermeasures

4. Risk and compliance capabilities to ensure industry and government regulations are followed

5. Providing situational awareness and reporting on cybersecurity status, incidents, and trends in adversary behavior to appropriate organizations Finesse SOC will be providing the following services among others to their customers –

1. Zero Trust Provisioning – Obtaining awareness of tools, software, hardware, technologies used within the business, and enabling micro-segmentation and zero-trust security protocol across these resources. PIM and PAM & Multi factor authentication tools will be used to restrict access and secure sensitive assets of clients

2. Continuous proactive monitoring – SIEM & XDR tools and processes will be used to monitor suspicious activity on servers, databases, networks, applications and other systems with the sole purpose of identifying potential security threats, and stopping these threats as quickly as possible. SOAR programs will be employed to amend and automate fixing these threats quickly.

3. Alert severity prioritization – Triage on threats, and address the most important issues first

4. Incident recovery and remediation – Once the cyberattack is neutralized, the SOC will work at restoring systems to a baseline or an earlier stable state. It also involves identifying steps that need to be taken to reduce the impact of the cyberattack

5. Root cause investigation / forensic analysis – Figure out the cause of the cyberattack using logs, in order to identify steps in preventing similar problems in the future

6. Preventive maintenance – Be informed on the latest security innovations, and the latest trends in cybercrime. Take steps to stop these attacks on the organization

7. Patch management – Keep your systems secure, compliant and up-to-date

8. Management against a variety of cyberattacks – like malware, ransomware, distributed-denial-of-service attacks (DDOS), SQL injection, zero-day attack and DNS tunnelling

9. Endpoint security – protection of computer networks, that are remotely bridged to external devices (like those of customers or remote employees)

What makes Finesse CyberHub Unique?

Cutting-edge technology

At Finesse, as the SOC-as-a-Service providers, we go beyond the foundations of a standard SOC. We integrated a wide range of critical operations into a single cloud-native technological platform. Our platform accelerated threat detection, hunting, investigation, triaging, case management, and remediation

Comprehensive Visibility

All logs, data, and other telemetry will be ingested to Finesse SOC Platform, from as many relevant sources as feasible. With more data, enterprises will have a complete and accurate picture of what's going on, allowing it to identify genuinely suspicious or malicious activities for further investigation.

Our platform take advantage of each of the following log sources and data types:

  • Security events from both endpoints and network
  • Infrastructure and authentication
  • Traditional security protection solutions
  • Threat Intelligence
  • In-house Application data

Orchestration and Automation

After capturing data, the Finesse SOC Platorm uses advanced data science approaches to automate and optimize the detection process, allowing to make important correlations, reduce false positives, and boost confidence in the detections under investigation.

We use the combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning, rule-based and signature-based criteria, and behavior pattern-match detection methods to detect possible threats automatically, which enable our SOC to detect malicious behavior and strengthen protection over time by utilizing extensive and timely threat intelligence.

Team of Experts

We've put together a group of specialists with a diverse and complementary set of talents and knowledge. Our team is composed of data scientists and engineers, security analysts and engineers, threat hunters and researchers, and incident responders, all of whom collaborate to guarantee that you have the finest security operation possible.

Our expertises open up opportunities for enterprises to focus on other matters. Finesse professionals work alongside your team, providing crucial skills, knowledge, and expertise, as well as 24/7 coverage, without the challenges of recruitment, management, and retention, or the compensation and related expenditures.

Combined with shared CISO consulting services & periodic Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing Services, our Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) – portfolio will help you to focus on your core business by managing our client’s cybersecurity needs with onsite, off-shore and hybrid support models

Managed Security Services

Our fully managed SOC provides real-time monitoring of security events related to your digital infrastructure. The monitoring is carried out 24x7 to detect, identify and notify the security risks to the client’s digital assets. Security events captured by the security platform will be correlated with the custom rules and then reported as alarms to the team to investigate.

  • 24*7*365 Continuous Monitoring
  • Automated event enrichment
  • Incident validation and false positive isolation
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Real Time Threat Detection and Response
  • Asset Discovery & Inventory
  • Detection Engineering
  • Security Platform Architecture
  • Log Management
  • SIEM Event Correlation
  • SIEM Platform Optimization
  • Proactive Tuning
  • Reports

Enhanced Managed Security Services

Enhanced Managed Security Services require project planning that involves determining and documenting a list of specific tasks, deadlines and the additional costs involved. The outcome for any Enhanced Managed Security Service is to provide an effective and repeatable process for security services, as well as quantifying the overall integrity, coverage and thoroughness of the engagement.

  • Security Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Managed Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
  • Ransomware Protection Service
  • Patch Management Service
  • Breach Assessment
  • Threat Hunting
  • Digital Risk Monitoring & Protection Service
  • Deep Learning for Network Traffic Analysis
  • Deception Technology
  • CISO-as-a-Service (CaaS)
  • Resource Augmentation (SIEM Expert and etc.)

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