Advising Digital Transformation

To help organizations weather these storms of uncertainty without emptying their treasure troves, Finesse has launched 1CXO service.


1CXO - A Suite of 6 Services to Deliver

Holistic Digital Transformation

Post-pandemic, the digital transformation agenda for most organizations has accelerated like never before. Environment today is changing at a spinning rate. With unstable market dynamics and rising business opportunities, the need for holistic Business and Technology alignment has increased. There is an imperative need to work across departments and include them in the fabric of Digital Transformation.

Along with this transformation comes the need to look at compliance, risk, and security for the entire ecosystem and not just IT infrastructure. To manage this risk and complexity, businesses need support in terms of domain expertise, industry expertise, and change management, among others.

With fast changing environment, organizations grapple with getting right leaders, advisors, and change champions. To help organizations weather these storms of uncertainty without emptying their treasure troves, Finesse has launched the 1CXO service, offering essential digital transformation services.

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What is 1CXO?

1CxO is a set of six Centers of Excellence to provide a holistic management of Digital Transformation.

Each office is led by an experienced leader who works with an in-house team of SMEs. The leaders of each Center of Excellence bring with them experience across industries, cultures, and geographies to help clients integrate the best practices.

Each Center of Excellence provides services to multiple customers, on a retainer model. Customers pay for 1CXO only for the service days rendered, so it proves to be cost effective. The duration of the engagement can be short term or long term.


Centers of Excellence to Provide a Holistic Management of Digital Transformation.

Chief Information Office
  • Technology Strategy
  • Business Technology Alignment
  • Resource Right Sizing
Chief Corporate Services Office
  • Board Advisory
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Finance Advisory
  • HR Management
  • Business Operations
Chief Data Privacy Office
  • Data Right Management
  • Data Privacy & Protection
  • Holistic Approach to Data
Chief Digital Transformation Office
  • Digital Transformation
  • Culture Change
  • Employee Engagement
  • Holistic Approach to Change
Chief Information Security Office
  • Cyber Strategy
  • Cyber Maturity Appraisal
  • Cyber Risk, Compliance, & Quantification
  • Cyber HUB Posture
Chief Customer Experience Office
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Touchpoint Experience
  • Customer Centric Culture
  • CE Vision & Strategy

What is The

Engagement Model

There are different ways in which the Center of Excellence can engage with a client. Below are broad three streams of engagement, but custom models can be developed depending on a client’s needs.

  • 1CXO can work as a Buddy to an existing CXO
  • Mentor and a sounding board to existing CXO
  • Extension of the Team

The flexibility of 1CXO to structure itself around a customer’s requirement makes it applicable to Large as well as SMB customers. Based on the deliverables for a client, a team of SMEs can be picked from across the six Centers of Excellence.

1CxO will play a very important role in shaping and driving the transformation and digitalization strategy including working across different lines of business to deliver a Business and Customer centric Digital Transformation.



You Should Choose 1CXO?

In the last few years, while implementing Digital Transformation solutions, at Finesse, we have seen many organizations struggle with change management. Working across silos in a company and trying to structure a coherent cybersecurity and data management strategy is a challenging task; and so is keeping employees engaged while introducing automation.

Another challenge is a key person exiting the organization in the middle of a change initiative, leaving half-baked plans. 1CXO as a service is of immense value to organizations as it gives them a steady availability to an expert with a bird’s eye view of the organization, no internal biases, and with vast experience delivering similar projects across industries, and all this at a reasonable value.

  • Holistic Digital Transformation Management
  • Expert Advice at competitive cost
  • Elements of Security, Compliance, and Risk accounted for
  • Elements of Change Management for effective implementation
  • Stability due to access to the CoE resources
  • Defined Deliverables
  • Strict Governance
  • Flexibility of Engagement Models

Leverage the potential of


Finesse 1CISO is designed to help organizations enhance their cybersecurity capabilities by providing them with access to an experienced chief information security officer (CISO) on a flexible basis. 1CISO include access to a highly experienced and knowledgeable CISO who can provide strategic guidance and support, improved cybersecurity program management and oversight, and enhanced cybersecurity risk management capabilities.

By working with Finesse, organizations can improve their overall cybersecurity posture and reduce their exposure to cybersecurity risks.

Advising Digital Transformation

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