Case Studies


Employee Onboarding Process for a leading Education Group in UAE

Challengeo An educational conglomerate onboards 400 new joinees every month. The major challenges in the onboarding process are document verification and on-time employee provisioningo These processes are done manually at the moment, leading to high process fatigue and therefore, high turnaround time.Due to the manual nature of follow-ups, processes are highly dependent and, at times, unstructured Solutiono The...


Procure-to-pay for a leading plastic goods manufacturer in UAE.

Challengeo One of the most time-consuming part of the Procure to Pay process is the first step of inviting quotes from multiple vendors, comparing them, and finalizing the preferred vendoro Since the process is manual, often, it is driven by human judgment in spite of a large vendor database available for perusal. It is also cumbersome to...

Customer Service

Customer Service process automation for Mortgage Servicing

Challengeo There are multiple requests that are serviced each day by the Mortgage customer support teamo At least 30% of these are information requested on the current mortgageo The bank decided to automate responses to two of the most common requests received viz. Statement Request and Last EMI paid details requests Solutiono Bot receives request for...


Escrow Account Reconciliation for a leading UAE bank

Challengeo The client has one of the largest real estate portfolios in UAEo The escrow team of 4 members, spend a day each week reconciling the accounts manually, requesting updates from account management teams and making changes wherever necessaryo The client was keen on having the reconciliation automated and performed at the end of every business...


KYC process automation for a banking client

Challengeo Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence has been a long-standing manual process in the banking sector.o The client wanted to automate a large portion of this process, in order to reduce the repetitive objective tasks involved in the process. Solutiono Bot was developed to capture key data from KYC documents submitted by the customer.o Once...


Facilitated Management and services for tourism.

o Building Health and Safety Engineering Management o Facilities Management on Salesforce o Document upload and review management o Onsite Inspection form o Onsite Product Enhancement Services o Investor Community Portal o GV’s Trusted Consultant o Audit Services o CRM Implementation o End User and Admin Training o Post Implementation Support


Integrated Critical applications to drive innovation for Education

o Integrated Critical applications containing huge data from 70+ schools across the globe o Student Enrollment Process o Student Admission Process o Student Class Management o Transport Management o Business Process Management o CRM Consulting o CRM Implementation o End User and Admin Training o Post Implementation Support

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