Finesse announces strategic partnership with Defensys


Finesse, an industry leader in digital transformation, has announced its strategic alliance with Defensys, a prominent cybersecurity solutions developer headquartered in Singapore. Since 2011, Defensys has been at the forefront of pioneering software products and services aimed at fortifying businesses and government organizations against modern cyber threats while ensuring robust security management on a global scale.

With an unwavering commitment to empowering businesses and government bodies worldwide, Defensys’s mission resonates deeply with today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats loom large across various sectors, from banking and government to oil and gas, energy, and metallurgy.

The collaboration between Finesse and Defensys signifies a monumental leap forward in offering businesses tailored solutions that adapt to evolving needs and stringent regulatory standards. By leveraging Finesse’s established expertise in digital transformation and Defensys’s cutting-edge technology, this partnership promises to redefine the landscape of security and compliance solutions.

Sunil Paul, Managing Director at Finesse, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This partnership with Defensys represents a pivotal moment in our commitment to delivering comprehensive GRC solutions . With a strong focus on cybersecurity, this collaboration enables us to provide state-of-the-art risk and compliance solutions, empowering our clients to navigate the ever-evolving digital terrain with confidence and resilience.”

“We are very excited to partner with Finesse, the world’s leading player in digital transformation. We see this strategic partnership as a unique opportunity to accelerate the growth of our information security solutions business and expand our presence in the region, – said Alex Bond, CEO at Defensys. “We continue to amplify our relationships and use of SGRC technologies, as well as work together to help customers withstand current cyber threats. This is a part of our overall mission to help our respected customers to manage risks and compliance efforts”.

In this groundbreaking partnership, both Finesse and Defensys are poised to set new industry standards, offering tailored solutions that enhance organizational resilience and security in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With a mutual commitment to innovation and client-centricity, this collaboration embodies a vision of excellence, where both entities collaborate to redefine norms in the digital age.

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