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GRC Help Address ESG

How GRC Will Help Address ESG

According to data by Pwc, around 92% of companies in regions like the USA, UK, Brazil, and India that have strong ESG commitments will outcast the competitors without ESG commitments. Furthermore, the same study suggests that 83% of the employees and 86% of the consumers prefer companies that have strong ESG (environmental, social, and governance)...

Advising Digital Transformation

Finesse joins Secureworks Global Partner Program

Finesse, one of the leading digital transformation partners in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has joined the Secureworks Global Partner Program to help customers strengthen their security posture against cyber threats. Organizations of all sizes are battling an ever-increasing number of cyber threats on multiple fronts while also navigating a cyber talent and skills crisis....

Arun Tewary

Tech Job Cuts or Skills Realignment?

Arun Tewary – Strategic Advisor & Director The technology sector has recently experienced significant job cuts, particularly in product companies. The companies are citing financial concerns as the reason for job reductions, although they are also investing in updated technologies and upgrading their data centers. It appears that the decision to reduce jobs was influenced...


Emergence of digital disruptors in 2023 says Bharath Raigangar at 1CXO

As we emerge out into a post pandemic period where corporations are trying to adjust into a new normal, it is becoming more evident that there will be some major shift in consumers and corporates to a more secured but agile digital ecosystem. Let’s take a recap of what we saw in the last 4...


Robotic Process Automation – Key implementation challenges and how you can overcome them

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has not been here for very long. Back in May 2013, McKinsey predicted that robotic advances will transform life, business and the global economy. In a short time since then, RPA has made rapid strides across a range of sectors – so much so that RPA has reached a stage of...

Is WhatsApp For Business a step towards better customer experience?

Is WhatsApp For Business a step towards better customer experience?

Since its launch in 2009, WhatsApp has emerged as the go-to messaging app for 2 billion consumers across 160+ countries. Fast, easy-to-use, reliable and secure – WhatsApp has become the choice of messaging globally.  As a business, you would also have heard of how WhatsApp for Business has become the talk of the town. It...


Why Global Corporations Are Adopting Microsoft Azure

Eljo J P, Chief Business Officer and Jivin John, Sr. Manager, Infra Services of Finesse explores if Microsoft Azure is the ultimate solution for enterprise business productivity with its combined offerings of Cloud, M/O 365 and Teams. Today, the question is not if your business should be on the cloud or not. A market disruptor,...

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