Employee Onboarding Process for a leading Education Group in UAE


o An educational conglomerate onboards 400 new joinees every month. The major challenges in the onboarding process are document verification and on-time employee provisioning
o These processes are done manually at the moment, leading to high process fatigue and therefore, high turnaround time.Due to the manual nature of follow-ups, processes are highly dependent and, at times, unstructured

o The high volume of documents submitted include multiple data points in semi structured formats
o The RPA solution involves a scheduled, daily deployment of Task Bots that extract data from documents
o The extracted data is then verified with the form inputs submitted in the pre-joining forms
o Based on the Background Check results, the list of successfully verified candidates is then sent to the employee provisioning team by the bot
o This includes high level details of the employee in order to initiate the required Access provisions/IT Infrastructure/Payroll processes

o Designed a proactive robotic process that reduced TAT to 1 day as opposed to an average of 3.5 days per approval cycle
o Annual cost savings
o No errors on processed requisition forms
o Increased time saving as compared to old process

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