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Adopt a Single Powerful System to run your Payroll and HR Operations

Digitization has revolutionized Human Resource (HR) functions. And this human resource (HR) digital transformation is in turn transforming the organizational culture and has improved employee management overall. Adrenalin is one such cloud-based HR software that addresses all HR related problems by providing solutions for human capital management. This is achieved by harnessing the power of software, to automate the most critical resource i.e. workers within an organization.

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Adrenalin cloud based HRMS Solutions

Adrenalin Solutions
Adrenalin is a web & cloud-based HR software that automates strategic and administrative Human Resource (HR) processes that are important to business-to-employee management. The system is work-flow based, browser-independent, and has the requisite self-service features to cover the transaction from employee to company. Intelligent and intuitive web-based alignment tools for human capital on the market offering features such as performance alignment & growth, compensation modules, among others.

Adrenalin HR software provides a single interface that helps simplify HR functions in the routine. The software defines the job roles and organizational structure for an employee management system, leading to better enforcement of organizational policies and improved decision making.

It allows an organization’s human resource and payroll divisions to monitor all of the employee records, such as hires, promotion, approval, contract termination. The platform effectively automates the work of the HR department and integrates easily with most of the existing IT systems and expanding ERP investments at an affordable price. It thus reduces HR and implementation costs with lower ownership costs. The app has rendered a mobile powered workforce with which one can stay connected from anywhere, and on any smartphone. With this app, the employees receive their personalized HR feedback which helps them to act quickly on things that require attention which gives organizations a complete employee management system.

The workers will schedule their time offs and clearly mark their presence.

Adrenalin may also be used to track travel expenses. Adrenalin is multilingual and provides easy access to,  various reports, applications, forms, documents, etc.

Adrenalin HCM Solutions
Adrenalin HR and payroll platform is a complete package with a mix of apps and services that can help a company optimize efficiency and performance for its employees.

Adrenalin Cloud HR Software
Adrenalin cloud provides a variety of tools and standard connectors to ensure connectivity with other IT systems which can enable data exchange based on web-service.

The cloud allows integration in real-time as well as in batch mode. The incorporation of the adrenalin cloud enables the synchronization of data between systems while saving time and money. However, integration lets an enterprise concentrate on its business applications and eliminates the need to invest in hardware. In addition, the cloud HR provides data protection, accurate reporting, prevents errors from happening, and provides a centralized information system.

Its exclusive multitenant architecture also makes the cloud stable and flexible, which is easy to use and needs no cost of maintenance, support, or operation.

Key Features of HRMS / Payroll software

Adrenalin has a lot of features in store for its customers which are discussed in the following section.

Core HR Management

The complete employee management system includes employee information management, compensation & benefits management, and payroll management.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Comprises of employee engagement, confirmation & transition management, and offboarding.

Talent Acquisition & Talent Development

Involves job requisition management, training & competency management, application tracking, onboarding, career development, employee development programs, interview process, and candidate selection.

Workforce Administration

Deals with attendance, time, leave/absence management along with claims & reimbursements, shifts & scheduling, and travel management.

Performance Alignment

Deals with compensation planning & management, reward management, goals & performance management and complete feedback.

Payroll Management

This is a web-based solution that integrates with finance modules of ERP.

Reports & Dashboard

Includes talent & hiring insights & management and deals with organization trends.

Social Connection

Involves all the activities on a social networking platform such as notifications, social profiles & walls and activity streams


Deals with the things that can increase the overall productivity. Task management, discussion forums are a part of this software.

Why does your organization needs Cloud-based HRMS/Payroll Software?

Digital Transformation in a Single Product

Adrenalin helps a business save time and costs that are typically used to maximize the human resource feature. It is a simple, integrated digital platform that has the potential to improve employee productivity within an organization.

Modular Deployment

The platform provides its clients with the option of selecting modules and meeting the specific needs of the HR strategy.

Depth of Functionality

The platform provides the company with a robust HCM interface that it can use to support its workers by simplifying various routine tasks such as time, attendance, leave, travel, shift scheduling, payroll enforcement, claims & refunds.

Knowledge Transfer & Support

The platform provides support for pure-play along with the robust backing and regular updates that can help companies maximize their digital human resource solutions costs and efforts.

Ease of Implementation

The pure play approach of the program ensures the secure and efficient execution of the HR techniques and tasks in optimal time and cost.

Multi Language Support

Help for the app is available in different languages which can help customers and their employees to use the technology better.

SMAC Architecture

The software offers a modular architecture that enables the application to run on a host and on premise models.

Global Payroll

Set up in 24 countries in Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, the program is compliant with payroll and regulatory compliances. It has to be designed flexibly in the country of choice.


Adrenalin HRMS software can be made to work efficiently with existing ERP, payroll, and finance systems.

In addition, AI will help streamline and handle applicants based on their experiences, which in turn can support both the applicant and the organization. Furthermore, AI allowed chatbots to help eliminate the administrative bog of manual job application follow ups. Such digital assistants will schedule an interview and even document the applicant’s input on the whole process.
For our customers, we manage the entire HR process including onboarding, payroll, compliance, and management reports.

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