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At Finesse, we manage the entire HR process and employee lifecycle, including onboarding, payroll, performance management, development, compliance, and management of reports.


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The human resources function has undergone revolutionary changes from being a personnel department to becoming a critical function of the organization. Digitization has fuelled this transformation, and this is in turn leading to the metamorphosis of the organizational culture, which has boosted the overall employee management and morale. While standing at the juncture of such a major transition, don’t you wish there was a single solution that addressed all your HR-related problems?

If you do, then you’re at the right place! Human Capital Management (HCM) and HR payroll software solutions in Dubai, UAE, are one such cloud-based HR software that provides solutions beyond basic HCM by transforming your HR service. This is achieved by harnessing the power of software to automate the most critical resource, i.e. workers within an organization.


What is Human Capital Management (HCM)?

HCM stands for Human Capital Management. HCM is the term used to describe the set of practices organizations use to manage their employees. This covers recruiting, managing, developing, and optimizing employees so that they are more valuable to the company. HCM does not see the workforce as a burden; instead, it is a key element of the business that can be managed and increased in value like any other asset.

What are the Benefits of HCM Solution?

The following are some of the vital advantages of an HCM solution for businesses


This is one of the most used aspects of the HCM solution. An HCM that is integrated makes it much simpler to recruit and onboard by storing candidate information in one central location. When a hiring decision has been made, this data can be quickly moved into the employee file.

Streamlines key HR functions

Employee satisfaction can be greatly impacted by how you handle key HR tasks, including onboarding, absence management, approval of overtime, remuneration, and other HR-related tasks. Managing core HR processes is made simple using HCM software because the majority of jobs are automated.

Effectively manages data

Managing employee data is crucial because it frequently contains some of the most personal data that an employee has in their work careers, such as pay, benefits, personal identification, and even banking information. All of this data is organized and kept in a single, secure location by HCM software. HCM allows authorized people to access important data whenever needed.

Cloud-based HR and Payroll Software Solutions

HR and Payroll Software Solutions
  • Our HRMS software is a web & cloud-based HR and payroll software that blends all your human capital requirements and automates core, strategic, as well as administrative Human Resource (HR) processes that are critical to workforce management.
  • It is an intelligent and unparalleled work-flow based system that is not only browser-independent but also provides requisite and reliable self-service features to cover multi-directional transactions between employees and businesses. It is a holistic and intuitive web-based alignment tool, provides a host of features such as performance alignment & growth, and compensation modules, among others.
  • Finesse provides the best HR software, which consolidates a number of systems and simplifies HR functions like recruiting, training, and employee data management. Job roles and organization structure are periodically defined and updated by the employee management system, leading to improved and consistent enforcement of organizational policies, increased productivity, and well-informed decision-making.
  • Gone are the days when the HR team struggled to keep up with employee documentation. Our cloud-based HR and payroll software ensures that all vital employee records, such as hires, promotion, appraisal, approval, and contract termination, are regularly tracked and updated. Basically, this HR management solution effectively automates HR activities and maximizes the availability of your HR team for core functions. HR cloud-based software is compatible with most of the existing IT systems and expanding ERP investments at an affordable price. It thus reduces HR and implementation costs with lower ownership costs. With this system, your business will be able to monitor and slash payroll costs as well as save administration time.
  • With a mobile-powered workforce rendered by the app, one can stay connected from anywhere and on any smartphone. In addition, through this app, all employees gain access to personalized HR feedback that guides them on improving and acting quickly on aspects that require attention. Discover these and many more benefits, which give organizations a complete employee management system.
  • Tracking attendance and time is yet another area where this HCM works wonders. Through this system, employees would be able to schedule their time offs, cover leaves, and mark their presence on a real-time basis.
  • HR and payroll cloud-based software also have an expense tracking solution integrated into it which is used to track the business travel expenses of employees. This multilingual solution gives you one-click access to various reports, applications, forms, documents, and much more.
HCM Management Solutions
  • Our HRMS software in Dubai, UAE, and payroll platform is a complete package with a mix of apps and services that can help a company optimize efficiency and performance for its employees.
HR and Payroll Cloud Software
  • Our HR and Payroll Cloud Software has an exclusive multitenant architecture that offers a wide variety of tools and standard connectors to ensure connectivity with other IT systems. This ensures that the cloud is stable, flexible, user friendly with zero maintenance, support or operational costs. It also enables data exchange based on web services.
  • Along with allowing integration in real-time and batch mode, It empowers data synchronization between systems and thus saves you both money and time. The advantage of integration is that it enables a business to focus on its business applications without investing in hardware. In addition, cloud HR provides data protection, accurate reporting, error trouble-shooting and a holistic, centralized information system.
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What are the Key Features of HRMS / HR Payroll software?

Let us take a look at key features of HRMS/Payroll software and how exactly HR software is going to benefit your organization:

Core HR Management

Automate the administrative HR tasks that include employee information management, compensation & benefits management, and payroll management with 100% efficiency.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Your employees are your biggest asset and with our HR software, you can manage all their crucial touch-points starting from onboarding to promotion to offboarding.

Talent Acquisition & Talent Development

Ease your recruitment and selection procedure and a host of related procedures such as job requisition management, training & competency management, application tracking, onboarding, career development, employee development programs, interview process, and finally, candidate selection.

Workforce Administration

It not only involves attendance and leave management systems but also claims & reimbursements, shifts & scheduling, and business travel expense management.

Performance Alignment

Appraisal processes, employee feedback, enterprise-wide goal alignment, compensation planning and reward management are taken care of by this automated platform.

Payroll Management

Automate HR routine tasks such as payroll HR solutions processes by integration of this web-based software with finance modules of ERP.

Reports & Dashboard

It gives you one-click access to various reports, applications, forms, documents and many more organizational trends.

Social Connection

Connect better with your employees through social networking platforms that send out notifications, enable the creation of social profiles, walls, and activity streams.


All things that boost productivity go into this realm of the solution. Task management, discussion forums are a few examples.

Why does your organization need Cloud-based HRMS/HR Payroll Software?

Digital Transformation in a Single Product

Finesse offers the best HR software solutions in the UAE, which unifies all your HR needs and provides an integrated platform to boost employee productivity. It helps your business save time and costs that are generally invested in maximizing the human resource functions.

Modular Deployment

It delivers customized modules for each business according to your specific HR needs.

Depth of Functionality

It provides a robust HCM interface and drastically reduces the complexity of various routine tasks such as attendance, leaves management, travel expense management, shifts scheduling, payroll enforcement, claims & refunds.

Knowledge Transfer & Support

Cloud-based HRMS helps your business magnify its digital human resource capabilities and reduce costs and efforts. This platform provides support for pure-play along with robust backing and regular updates.

Ease of Implementation

Cloud-based HRMS software in Dubai, UAE, ensures safe, secure, timely, and efficient execution of the HR techniques and tasks through the pure-play approach of the program.

Multi Language Support

Leverage technology faster and better with an app that offers multilingual support for both the employees and the decision-makers.

MAC Architecture

The modular architecture of the software makes the application run on both hosts as well as premise models.

Global Payroll HR solutions

Whether you are in the Middle East, Asia, or Africa, the software is flexible enough to comply with the HR regulatory and payroll policies in the country you are in.


Want to integrate Cloud-based HRMS with your existing ERP, payroll, and finance systems? Worry not; it works with 100% efficiency upon integration.

At Finesse

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In addition, AI will help support the organization as well as a job applicant by streamlining and sharing the load of the recruiter through handling job applicants based on their experiences.

Furthermore, AI allowed chatbots to eliminate the hassles of pre-screening and time-consuming aspects of recruitment by scheduling interviews and documenting the inputs of the candidates throughout the selection process. This, in turn, reduces the administrative bog of manual job application follow-ups.

For our customers at Finesse, we manage the entire HR process and employee lifecycle, including onboarding, payroll, performance management, development, compliance, and management of reports.

To know more about how finesse drives HR transformation at Emirates Investment Bank, click here.


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